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What's the advantage of soaking feet in white vinegar? Do you know the seven benefits?

white vinegar is an indispensable seasoning in the kitchen. A few drops of vinegar can outline a delicious soul. Is there any other effect of vinegar besides seasoning? Let's take a look at it with

Seven functions of white vinegar feet

1. Good for sleep

Soak your feet in vinegar for half an hour every day, which can coordinate the excitement of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, regulate, dredge and relax the nervous nerves, harmonize the Qi and blood of meridians, and balance the Yin and Yang. Persisting for a long time can greatly improve sleep quality, relieve insomnia, dreaminess, wake up early and other sleep disorders.

2. Eliminate fatigue

White vinegar feet can accelerate the blood circulation of human body, improve the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin, improve the anoxia state caused by fatigue of the body, enhance the metabolism of various systems, which is conducive to the discharge of carbon dioxide and exhaust gas in the body, so as to relax the body and restore physical strength.

3. Remove internal waste

There are many reflex areas with important therapeutic value in the foot. Vinegar can penetrate the skin on the surface of the foot, enhance blood circulation, activate and strengthen organ function, remove human waste, and prevent and treat various chronic diseases.

4. Moisturize the skin

Many people will dry and crack their feet in winter. If you soak your feet in vinegar for one week, not only will your feet become smooth, but also your body and face will become more shiny and moisturized. 5. Prevention and treatment of grey nails

Use 9 or 10 degree white vinegar to soak feet for 30 minutes every day, and then dry naturally. It is better to use glass container when foaming, because it is acid resistant and non-toxic, and the dosage should not exceed the foot surface.

6. Prevent recurrence of beriberi

Soak feet with 9 degree white vinegar, add a small amount of new vinegar every day, and replace with new vinegar for 7-10 days. Keep going for two months.

7, decompression

Often use vinegar to soak feet, not only can alleviate the foot muscle tension caused by wearing high-heeled shoes, but also can play a decompression effect on the body.

White vinegar soaked feet, simple and practical winter health tips, will be used tonight~