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The fog of the Korean dramas, the audience, the audience, the fog and the fog, the screenwriters res

Recently, many people are chasing after the Korean drama "fog" to usher in the final, which was supposed to be a brain burning drama. However, the ending makes many fans very dissatisfied, and even send blades to the screenwriters. Are you satisfied with the ending of the fog? How does the screenwriters respond?

According to Taiwan media reports, South Korean TV series "mystery fog" caused a heated discussion with the plot of turning around and the bold pictures listed as 19 forbidden. It was hailed as "brain burning masterpiece" by fans, and the final result came on the 24th. The most curious murderer to kill Kevin Lee is Gao Huilan (played by Jin Nanzhu) and her husband Jiang Taixu (played by Chi Zhenxi). But when he was young, he Mingyu (ren Qingqing), who had a deep bond with Gao Huilan, finally came out to plead guilty and went to jail again.

In the previous episode, it was revealed that the murderer of Kevin Lee (played by Gao Jun) was Jiang Taixu, but this setting was unacceptable to the audience, so it is expected that there will be a big reversal in the final return broadcast. However, the fact is that Jiang Taixu and Kevin Li clashed outside on March 18. Jiang Taixu said: 'I hope you don't show up in front of Huilan again. You are a family person. I'm her husband. '

But Kevin Lee defiantly replied: 'before that, she was my woman. Although you are his husband, she is not satisfied. She wants to meet me and hold me. Your marriage should be a deal! You've never heard Whelan say love you! My wife, don't be kidding! 'this angered Jiang Taixu, so he pushed him to the wall, and Kevin Lee was hit on the head, and died.

Jiang Taixu confessed everything to Li Huilan, and confessed that this period of time was very painful. He wanted to die with Kevin Li, but he was not allowed to do so in his heart. Let Gao Huilan scold: "why didn't you tell me? What's your intention and state of mind? Do you really want to plant all these things on my head?", "you shouldn't kill Li Zaiying, you should kill me!" Jiang Taixu said heartily: "Huilan, even if all is excuses, but only this is the truth, I love you. '

The news station received a phone call saying that the culprit in the case of Kevin Lee surrendered himself. However, it wasn't Jiang Taixu who finally pleaded guilty, but he Mingyu, who had been jailed for 19 years for homicide before regaining his freedom. He Mingyu confessed to the police that he had killed Kevin Lee and his secretary, and the police found that the walls of his residence were full of Gao Huilan. Because he Mingyu had a homicide record, and the police also found the same drugs as Bai Dongxian's body, the case of Kevin Lee was almost solved.

However, Jiang Jijun, the group leader of the three major cases in Jiangnan police station, was unbelievable and shouted: 'don't make it up! You can't kill Kevin Li, you weren't out of prison at that time!' he Mingyu said that he entrusted others to kill Kevin Li, 'I can't forgive the people who embarrassed Huilan. 'this made group leader Jiang angrier and scolded:' how can you give up your life like this! '

However, he Mingyu said that he had no regrets and firmly said: 'I really killed people. At last, he Mingyu left Jiang Taixu a note, which said: 'you must guard Huilan until the end, this is the punishment you will be punished. "But the ending made a lot of audience dissatisfied. They said they wanted to send blades to the screenwriters, and they were angry and scolded:" they wasted the beautiful display of the first 15 episodes! "

mystery writer responds to the finale

The screenwriter of the weekend drama "fog" on jtbc, South Korea, recently responded to the controversy over the ending of the show, saying that the murderer in the play was determined to be Jiang Taixu played by Chi Zhenxi from the beginning.

During the broadcast of "fog", which has been a topic, the final result of this month's broadcast, Jiang Taixu, played by Chi Zhenxi, is the real murderer and the final result of hinting at his suicide, which makes many viewers who were expecting the happy ending dissatisfied. The screenwriter of "mist" said in an interview recently that she decided that Jiang Taixu, played by Chi Zhenxi, was the real murderer when she wrote the script, and gave enough hints in the play. Unexpectedly, the audience still identified other characters as murderers, which made her both unintended and interesting.

The screenwriter of "mist" also said that the planning intention of "mist" is to tell the true love of adults. The starting point is to think about the nature of love, possessiveness and jealousy. The controversial ending is also to show how the heroine's choice affects her life. As for whether such ending is good or bad, it should be judged by the vast audience.