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What to do when the mobile phone is flooded? Emergency treatment method for mobile phone after water

When I wake up in the afternoon, I rub my hazy eyes. As a result, when I take out my mobile phone and accidentally fall into the water glass, do I want to cry without tears? Does water in my mobile phone mean it's useless? In fact, sometimes simple operation will make the mobile phone return to its original state.

1. Cut off the power supply quickly

After falling into the water, the mobile phone is easy to break down and can't be used, because the water entering the mobile phone shortens the internal components of the mobile phone, even causes the components to burn out or the battery to explode. So once the mobile phone has water, you must quickly dry the surface water with a towel, and then disconnect the power supply. If the battery can be removed, remove the battery as soon as possible.

2. Disassemble the mobile phone as much as possible

In order to completely dry and air the water entering the mobile phone, disassemble the mobile phone as much as possible. Such as SIM card, memory card, etc., all these parts shall be disassembled.

3. Dry the water in the interface

Vacuum cleaner is a very ideal tool. It can suck at each interface for more than 5 minutes and remove the moisture inside as much as possible.

4. Completely remove water

Put the phone in the dry rice for at least 24 hours until the water in the phone is completely removed. Of course, in addition to rice, popcorn or oatmeal, but rice will be easier to clean. It is recommended that you use rice, and the materials are also good.

5. Check whether the mobile phone can be used

If there is no water mist on the screen of the mobile phone, the water content of the mobile phone has been removed. At this time, put the battery back into the mobile phone and restart it. In general, after the above four steps, your mobile phone can continue to use.

Attention! Many friends may have heard that it's better not to use the hair dryer when the mobile phone falls into the water, because overheating of the hair dryer will cause some components in the mobile phone to melt. If you really want to use the hair dryer, please also choose the cold wind.

And don't try to get rid of water by shaking your phone. When the mobile phone is just watered or dropped, the water may still be on the surface of the mobile phone, but it hasn't penetrated into the inside of the mobile phone. If you throw it away a few times, the water will enter the inner layer of the mobile phone. So the water on the surface can be dried by towel.