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What if Alipay forgot to pay the password? Alipay forgot how to reset the password?

Alipay has entered our life and brought many conveniences to our daily life. In life, whether shopping or taxi, Alipay payment has become a popular trend. But what if Alipay forgot the password? How did Alipay forget the password to reset it?

1, first, enter Alipay's official website, enter Alipay's account and password, and verification code, login Alipay, enter the personal homepage, as shown in the figure.

2. Click account setting to enter account management, as shown in the figure.

3, there is a reset option on the right side of the payment password option. Click on reset to enter Alipay's reset password page.

4, click [I forgot to pay the password], based on account and operation environment testing, Alipay will provide the following options for you to choose, the first one, through the bank card verification. The second is to verify the information of bank card by 'verifying SMS + verifying bank card'. Third, through human services, as shown in the figure.

5, if you choose to verify by using a bank card, you can use any bank card to verify, click on the bank card verification, fill in any bank card number and the phone number bound by Alipay, and get the verification code, then you can reset the payment password.

6, if you choose your Alipay bound mobile phone is still in normal use, and remember the account number of the bank card, you can choose to go through the way of SMS verification and verification of bank card information. Just fill in the bank card number and cardholder's certificate number, and the phone's check code, then you can reset the payment password.

7, there is another way to confirm that your Alipay's mailbox is still in normal use. By resetting the password through the manual service, you need to fill out the application form and upload the identity card picture, and the staff will receive it within 48 hours.