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What are the common symptoms of baby's accumulated food fever? How many degrees does accumulated foo

We all know that it's very hard for a baby to accumulate food. A lot of little babies can easily accumulate food because they don't eat regularly. What are the symptoms of their accumulated food fever? How many degrees does it usually have?

How many degrees does the baby have fever

The temperature of baby's accumulated food fever is about 38.5 ℃.

The temperature of babies with different constitution and environment is different.

Specific analysis:

1. The baby's accumulated food will cause food to stay in the stomach and cause spleen stomach disease. In serious cases, fever and fever will occur.

2. Because the accumulated food fever is caused by internal heat, the general temperature is about 38.5 degrees. Parents should pay attention to the care of the baby.


1. The fever caused by baby's accumulated food should be relieved and defecated. You can give the baby open plug dew to stimulate the baby's defecation. After the baby's defecation is discharged, it is not easy to have fever again.

2. Secondly, you can give your baby some medicine to relieve food and relieve constipation, such as compound chicken internal gold powder, etc., drink more water, and massage your baby's abdomen clockwise to promote intestinal peristalsis.

3. If the fever is over 38.5 degrees, you can take some antipyretics such as Tianqian for your baby. If the fever is low, you can cool down physically and take a warm bath.

How to judge the baby's fever

In general, the following typical symptoms will appear in the baby's accumulated food fever. Parents can judge whether the baby has accumulated food fever through the following symptoms.

1. Protuberance fever

There is no other obvious symptom, which is different from the common cold, but the temperature is high, usually between 38-39 ℃;

2. Mental health

Some high fever may lead to depression;

3. Poor appetite

No apparent interest in seeing food. The stool is dry or there is no stool for two days. The abdomen bulges and bulges. There is a jumping sound when patting;

4. Fever in hands and feet

The back and abdomen are hot, the tongue coating is thick, the tongue coating is white and greasy, there is peculiar smell in the mouth, the exhaled gas is hot, and the tonsil may turn red when checked.

If the baby has the above symptoms, nine out of ten is a fever.

Be careful:

1. The root cause of fever caused by accumulated food is to remove body heat by first removing accumulated stool.

2. Parents should not worry too much, and should not immediately reduce fever or abuse antibiotics in the early stage of fever.