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Which brand of eye cream is better? What brand of eye cream is good after 30 years old?

Urban people live under great pressure. Staying up late and over tired eyes are the biggest culprits of eye bag formation. For many girls who love beauty, they start to use eye cream after they are 20 years old. Which brand of eye cream is the best? Let Xiaobian recommend some for you.

No1. Oliviabeauty


Highlight: the moisturizing strength of technology eye cream ouyapoise is strong enough, the texture is relatively fine, the taste is very elegant, there will be no strong fragrance, and the absorption is very fast. Using plant as the main ingredient, it's natural, it's very safe and irritating. It's very easy to use. As the "best eye skin care expert by your side", the sales of the products have been far ahead in the market, rejecting all harmful chemical additives, relying on high-technology purification technology, maximizing the essence of all plants, and eye muscles. Effective improvement of skin problems.

NO2. Estee Lauder instant eye cream


Recommended reason: this extremely comfortable eye cream has a fresh and silky texture. It instantly restores and relieves the fragile eye skin. It is effective antioxidant and sensitive. Long term use can solve all kinds of eye problems, such as water shortage, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, edema, dark circles and uneven complexion. Refreshing, not greasy, fast absorption, not easy to grow fat particles, oily skin with no problem, belongs to the full effect eye cream.

NO3. Lancome small black bottle big eye essence


Recommend reason: big eye essence has ice drill air cushion massage bright bead, more fit human body mechanics design, can massage eye area, help absorb, efficiently exclude accumulation of toxins and edema, relieve eye pressure, reduce bags under the eyes, bright eyes. The semitransparent essence of the essence is refreshing, non sticky, and has excellent ductility. Mild ingredients. Fast absorption, instantly moisturizing to the skin texture, massage bead head can also massage and pull the skin around the eyes, making the eyes more compact. When using, you can quickly draw a small circle under the eye along the direction from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye to remove the dark circles and bags.

No4. Dream makeup, flower and eye cream


Highlight: the EGCG antioxidant extracted from green tea, together with pepsin (arginine / lysine polypeptide), can effectively improve wrinkles, significantly reduce and prevent the generation of wrinkles around the eyes, and improve the elasticity and firmness of the eye skin. In the flower fragrance, it can improve the relaxation of the skin around the eyes, enhance the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, increase the moisture of the eyes, and prevent the generation of wrinkles.

No5. Ludeqing Firming Eye Cream


Highlight: it contains patent active copper, which is an antioxidant and an important component of bone collagen in human body. After two weeks of use, there will be obvious thinning of fine lines and elimination of ocular edema. In addition to lifting and tightening the eyes, it also contains the substance of honey disaccharide, which can help to decompose fat particles, and has good moisturizing effect.

No6. Keyan's avocado eye cream


Recommend reason: it can help the skin to return to the state of natural moisturizing. The high-tech double moisturizing mechanism will change the cream texture into water texture when the eye cream touches the X of the skin, giving the skin the greatest water retention and soft touch. Light taste, moist texture, easy absorption, good ductility, mild nature, is a high cost-effective product.

No7. Clinique eye care Nourishing Cream


Recommended reason: contain plant essence, calm skin, lighten dark circles, and remove eye edema. Deeply moisturize, strengthen the skin's natural resistance and resist external invasion. Eliminate eye puffiness, reduce the problem of eye bag caused by skin aging, moisturize the cream body, which is more suitable for winter dry season.

No8. Olay multi effect eye cream


Recommend reason: contain the skin care essence formula that OLAY contains a variety of ingredients to lighten the melanin around the eyes, effectively eliminate dark circles and even skin tone, moisten skin, relieve dry, improve roughness, make skin more smooth and delicate. Alcohol free formula, mild and non irritating. Can desalinate the black eye, reduce the pouch, moisturize.