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How can volcano video be popular? Hot tips on volcano video

for those who like to play live video, it's not strange for video software like volcano, fast hand and tremolo. Many people like to share some funny stories about their daily life on it, so that they can not only make money, but also enrich their lives. Do you know how to make volcano video popular?

Today, I would like to emphasize again that in volcano video, if you want to make money, you can ① open a live broadcast, ② record a small video (more than 4 seconds, less than 15 seconds). If you don't have an operator, you can shoot it at will. If you click after uploading, the official will give you a fire value reward. Some of my friends haven't even experienced it, so it's a direct question how to earn firepower. But now I want to make it clear to you that the volcano video is still in the bonus period. There is a little reward for uploading whatever you want to shoot. Next, we will focus on the topic of profitability and how to improve the firepower value.

First, the official statement: 1. I have always stressed that shooting with the volcano video app; 2. It must be original (i.e. created by myself or shot by myself) and the vertical screen stone arranging can be recommended if you have difficulty in horizontal screen; 3. The video must be clear. For the unclear and shaking firepower, we suggest that you can use the self timer and other meaningless tools to fix the mobile phone to avoid Jitter is OK, and it is also the reference for evaluating the fire value. If we want to make money on other people's platforms, we must abide by their rules of the game. If we don't abide by the rules, we will easily suffer from dumb losses.

Second, when shooting a short 15 second video, you can choose slow shot or fast shot (before shooting). After shooting, you will jump into another page. At this time, the system also brings many special effects functions such as beautification, trimming and so on. Finally, you can choose one as the cover and fill in the title to publish.

Third, you need to know what users and hobbies this platform has. The so-called know yourself, know your enemy, win everything, right? Here I'll list the audience: young people, mostly aged 18-40, and more male. In this way, when we are shooting the video, we will give it our best. For example, the simplest way to shoot a beautiful woman is for men to click in. If a beautiful woman is a little more interactive, the more discussion, the more firepower they share.

Fourth, don't copy other people's videos and upload them. This platform is more strict than the audit system of the headlines. It is found that the videos you carry from other platforms are easy to be demoted. If you carry too much, you can't directly give a warning with fire, or even the possibility of sealing. You must know and abide by their rules of the game.

Tell you a little way to expand your thinking: you can't carry it, but you can imitate the remake. You can rip the climax of their works from some videos that are popular online or targeted at a hot list of fast hands. If there is no actor, you can find a substitute or a friend.

Fifthly, apps and platforms in the vertical field are all based on content, just like fast hands, why do you like fast hands? Because many authors share many interesting and interesting stories and funny stories that they haven't met in their lives. If shooting some ordinary official doesn't recommend it, how much firepower can be brought by our own promotion Firepower is not worth money, maybe a few cents at most.

Sixth, after recording the video, we need to choose a cover and write a title, which is also very important. 1. We need to make users can't help clicking on the cover of our video, which is basically what those videos recommended by the official do. After the cover is selected, you need to write your video title, which summarizes the center of your video elaboration. For example, like the micro movie, some movie titles are designed to make people have the desire to click and watch.

7. Take part in other people's video messages and platforms. If you watch more volcano videos, you will say a word after recording the video. If you think the video is good, reply to 666, uncover secrets, etc. Guide you to comment, especially the magic performance is more prominent. When others comment on you, you should actively interact with him, and also open his video to comment. This is a virtuous circle. You will be familiar with it several times and pay special attention to your video.

8. The videos you have shot are also shared in the wechat friends circle or QQ space to improve the video browsing and comments. These are accumulated processes. You can watch and learn as much as you like. If you have more free time, you can shoot more videos to win the battle with quantity. The friends with less time can focus on the creation of high-quality videos, so make sure to keep updating, and your fire in the future The benefits of force value will certainly not be small.

What if you don't have enough attention? You can click the user center to add friends, or you can enter the volcano number of the other party. At present, many volcano groups can also be added, and you can interact with friends in the group, or you can add by keywords, and search for friends with relevant interests, because this early stage will be tired, and after interaction, you can passively attract fans and get more fans There are dozens of videos less, and hundreds more.

After a little time of research, it was found that after editing with automatic volcano shooting, uploading with 4G network, 9 out of 10 videos had firepower. Before that, I added some feedback from my friends, uploaded a lot of videos, there was no firepower, and I didn't know why. Because these reasons are various, there are no textbooks to explain, and we have to study and explore by ourselves.