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Friend circle shielding chatter why friend circle shielding chatter has any resentment?

Nowadays, the most popular small videos are definitely buffeting and volcano videos. When meeting many good-looking and fun videos, do many people want to release them to their friends' circle at the first time? But it seems that the friends' circle has blocked the buffeting, what's the matter?

"One day I woke up and saw that I didn't have you & hellip; & hellip;", the shaking sound was so hot that every shop was playing the "shaking hot songs". However, in the evening of yesterday (24), many netizens found that in the wechat circle of friends, the shared video and buffeting links were blocked, which could only be seen by themselves and not by their friends.

It can be seen that you can share the buffeting video link in the circle of friends from your own circle of friends interface, but you can't see the video link when you click wechat friends to open the circle of friends of the sharer.

However, bianews found that in the private chat and group chat interfaces, the video and audio sharing links are still visible.

Many netizens also noticed that the links of today's headlines shared in wechat's circle of friends were blocked by wechat. But it was around March 4.

In response, wechat official replied that wechat explicitly prohibits behaviors such as induced sharing. The domain name used by these links has recently violated the relevant regulations, seriously affecting the user experience of the functions such as friend circle and group chat.

It's not just wechat. On the evening of March 10, several users reported that after the link of twitter was forwarded to, it will not appear on their home page and information flow, only visible to them.

In other words, Weibo also blocked the chattering.

Weibo responded to the ban by saying that since August 2017, Weibo has suspended all interfaces and other cooperation with today's headlines and protected its rights through legal means because Weibo headlines (products under today's headlines) illegally grabbed Sina Weibo content and stole user information.

And buffeting is the short video app of today's headlines, so it is also in the scope of suspending cooperation. Weibo also said: 'last year, we stopped cooperation. I don't know why we suddenly jumped out at this time and said this?'

On February 12, 2018, wechat officially released the "notice on cracking down on illegal online activities during the Spring Festival". Wechat said that according to the provisions of wechat public platform operation specification and wechat external link content management specification, wechat explicitly prohibits inducement and other behaviors, including but not limited to Tencent sports, pinduoduo, today's headlines, Jingdong, hungry you and other network platforms through red envelopes Members, coupons and other ways to guide users to forward and share, seriously affecting the user experience of the functions of friend circle, group chat and so on. Wechat has restricted the spread of illegal online activities in the circle of friends.

However, after 0 o'clock, the chattering sharing circle of friends can be seen again. Maybe too many times of sharing in a single day trigger the shielding threshold and recover the next day. However, from the perspective of the industry, a social war among wechat, Weibo and today's headlines is on.