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Have you confirmed what the eyesight is? What do you mean by having a look?

'confirmed eyes' is really super hot on the Internet recently. This stem is not only shaking voice and fire, but also many netizens are very talented in Weibo. God made sentences' confirmed eyes XXXX' is really emerging in an endless stream. Many stars often use it on Weibo. Do you know what it means to confirm your eyes? Have you ever confirmed what the eyesight is? Follow Xiaobian to find out.

In fact, many people should be familiar with the lyrics of "confirmed eyes" in Lin Junjie's song "drunk red cliff." confirmed eyes, I met the right person. "When netizens turned this into a joke, they didn't know whether they had the impulse to hum along with it.

Because during the new year, netizens are busy collecting red envelopes, and then a red envelope video of "confirmed eyes, I met Cantonese" was born. In one scene, Grandpa Mao's eyes are fixed on the red envelopes, which can be said to be very heartfelt.

Recently, not only because of "confirmed eyes", but also because of "confirmed eyes, I met the right person". The netizens are really skinny. But this sentence is a little warm. I wish you a long time!

In addition to deriving all kinds of confession sentences, the most recognized person is Tucao's Cantonese. Some time ago, some netizens went to their mother-in-law's house and received a bit of profit, which seems to be different from other provinces.

After that, I had "confirmed my eyes, I met Cantonese". However, the original advantage of Guangdong is to make a lucky one. How many hearts you give are actually clear!

In other words, Lin Junjie's "drunk Red Cliff" is composed by Fang Wenshan and Lin Junjie. It can be said that it's a very hard to listen to Chinese love songs, and the MV is also very good-looking. "Drunk Red Cliff" tells the story of Xiao Qiao in the Three Kingdoms period. The lyrics are super beautiful and linked.

In the lyrics of this song, 'I've met the right person in my eyes.' some netizens interpret it as' when I look into your eyes, I know that it's love. 'it's really a very exciting song.

Lin Junjie's talent is really obvious to all! He was ridiculed as a man who would go home to inherit hundreds of millions of property if he could not sing well. As the "walking CD", he has been making music for more than ten years since his debut.

Now 'I've met the right person in my eyes' is really broken. It's OK to listen to Lin Junjie's single "drunk Red Cliff" for a whole day. It seems that the role of side publicity is what's going on after playing it.