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Sanitary napkin mesh or cotton surface? Difference between sanitary napkin mesh and cotton surface

most sanitary napkins are divided into two types: mesh and pure cotton texture. In fact, you don't know the meaning of them very well. Today's four seas net small knitting will lead you to understand whether the mesh or cotton surface of sanitary napkins is good. What's the difference between the mesh and cotton surface of sanitary napkins?

Mesh sanitary napkin

The technical term of mesh sanitary napkin is called PE perforated membrane surface sanitary napkin (chemical name is polyethylene, which is a kind of plastic). With microporous design, the PE surface can prevent the blood from seeping back and make the user feel dry. However, because of the side design, it is easy to rub the groin, which makes the female compatriots who are sensitive to the menstrual skin feel the itching and pain of their private skin. Those who are more sensitive to the skin will even suffer from redness, swelling, burning and more serious allergic symptoms. So the comfort of mesh is far less than that of cotton sanitary napkin.

Cotton sanitary napkin

In fact, there are two kinds of cotton sanitary napkins, one is soft sanitary napkin, which is made of polypropylene, commonly known as PP, but also a kind of plastic; the second kind is pure cotton sanitary napkin, which is mostly made of non-woven fabric and extracted from cotton, which is more natural, soft and suitable for most women. The sanitary napkin with cotton soft surface is a sanitary napkin product with pure cotton material, natural non-woven fabric or imported mesh as the main material. It not only ensures that when the product surface contacts with the skin, it feels soft and comfortable, and moves freely, but also does not cause irritation to the skin. In daily activities, it will not cause skin redness or abrasion due to the friction between the skin and the sanitary napkin. The disadvantage is that the absorption effect is not as good as the mesh.

1. Anti allergy and air permeability: the most ideal cotton surface layer has high air permeability and is not easy to cause allergy, while the general fiber surface is easy to cause allergy.

2. Absorption and blood storage capacity: strong absorption capacity can lead blood into the towel through blood flow, with high blood storage capacity, reducing the chance of leakage to both sides due to too late absorption.

3. High anti leakage ability: when the two sides of the crotch are pressed and the sanitary napkin is compressed to the middle half of the original, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the sanitary napkin; where there is concave anti folding line, it can prevent the sanitary napkin from wrinkling and reduce the chance of side leakage.

4. Strong adhesive effect: by the adhesive effect of the bottom, the position is fixed on the underpants to prevent displacement. The sanitary napkin with wings is not easy to move.