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What is the difference between aged vinegar and other vinegar? It's so different

vinegar is used in daily life, but when shopping in the supermarket, you often don't know which one to choose, aged vinegar, rice vinegar or white vinegar? What is the difference between them? I think you don't know it very well. Let's follow the small editor of

Aging vinegar our aging vinegar has been passed down for thousands of years, which can be regarded as' world famous'! It is not only a good seasoning, but also plays a certain role in preventing hypertension, hepatitis and skin diseases.

The vinegar should be put on for at least 1 year. It has a long fermentation time and strong fragrance. When cooking, it's very appetizing!

However, the sour taste of vinegar is the heaviest. Don't put too much in cooking. If you can't accept it, you'd better not put it!

Best match

Aged vinegar is suitable for dishes with strong sour taste and deep color, such as sour and spicy soup, fish with vinegar, radish skin with sour and spicy taste, etc. When eating dumplings and small dumplings, it's best to use vinegar to relieve greasiness!

Rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is a kind of vinegar with high nutritional value. It is rich in basic amino acids, sugars and vitamins. Eating it is also very healthy!

The high-quality rice vinegar is transparent and light red. It is fermented with high-quality rice and sorghum. It tastes sweet and sour, tastes better and is not as stimulating as vinegar. It is the best for cooking.

At the same time, when cooking some foods with high calcium content, adding some rice vinegar can make the calcium in the delicious food more easily absorbed.

Best match

It's very good to make some sweet and sour dishes with rice vinegar, such as sweet and sour ribs, sweet and sour fish, vinegar sliced potatoes, pickles, etc.

White vinegar is the simplest component of white vinegar. It is fermented with distilled wine. It contains almost no other nutrients except acetic acid and water.

White vinegar has a weak taste and a light sour taste. When mixing vegetables or making western dishes, you need condiments that do not affect the color of the dishes. White vinegar is a good choice.

White vinegar is more important for beauty and health care. It can be used for washing face, feet and food.

Best match

The best match for white vinegar is baking soda. It's good for maintenance and cleaning.

Fruit vinegar

Fruit vinegar is a very hot drink in recent years. There are many more vitamins and amino acids than general vinegar. It can also reduce weight if you drink a little.

The common fruit vinegar is apple vinegar, hawthorn vinegar and persimmon vinegar, which taste very good. However, the price of fruit vinegar is generally expensive, which is not cost-effective for cooking.

Best match

Fruit vinegar is good to drink directly, but we should pay attention to whether it needs to be diluted. If the concentration is too high, it will not preserve health, but will hurt the body.

How to choose a good bottle of vinegar? 1. Look at the label

When buying vinegar, you'd better buy the vinegar marked "brewed". The taste and nutrition are better than the prepared vinegar. It's cheap to make vinegar. It's better not to eat it. It's OK to clean it.

Another indicator on the label should also be noted that only when the total acidity of Ge; 3.5g/100ml and the acid content of more than 5% can it be considered as high-quality vinegar.

2. Form

No matter it's deep color vinegar or transparent white vinegar, it must be clear and free of impurities, so it can be regarded as good vinegar. It's better not to buy vinegar with precipitate and suspension. If the vinegar at home is in this situation, it can't be used for cooking.

3. Smell

Good quality vinegar, slightly sour but not pungent, aged vinegar and thick mellow fragrance.

4. Taste

When buying vinegar, it's best to try the taste. Good vinegar has a soft sour taste and a light sweet taste. There is absolutely no stimulation and bitterness. If you eat bitter vinegar outside, don't continue to eat it. The quality of vinegar is likely to fail.

Don't be jealous these days

1. On an empty stomach

No matter how good the stomach and intestines are, it's not suitable to be jealous or pickled on an empty stomach, which is very harmful to the stomach. Now the weather is so cold, the cold vinegar will double the damage to the stomach.

2. Fracture

Try not to be jealous during fracture recovery. Vinegar can soften bones and decalcify them. Bones heal slowly and the human body feels uncomfortable.

3. When taking alkaline medicine

Friends who need to take alkaline drugs in the near future should try not to be jealous, because vinegar will greatly reduce the drug resistance. It's a waste of money if you can't cure it.