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How to choose Wedding Toast dress? What style of toast is the best?

For new people, it is very important to be generous and decent. Wedding Toast for a lot of beautiful sister paper, is not already selected? So for the inexperienced Xiaobai, how to choose the style and color of toast?

How to choose toast

Toast style

The best style of toast service is the one that is good for walking. In addition to its beauty, safety issues should also be taken into consideration. After all, toast is to walk all over the place. If it is inconvenient to move, it is easy to wrestle. In addition, it is better to choose the dress that is not easy to walk. If there are embarrassing things like wine pouring among guests, it is inevitable to bow down and walk out. After all, on the wedding day, the most important thing for the bride is not only to be beautiful, but also to be appropriate and decent.

What style of toast do you choose

Many people will choose the modern dress as the toast service, which depends on the style of the wedding dress. If the wedding dress is high collar or double shoulder, you can choose the dress with the bra. The best choice for the dress is to wrap the body instead of the puffy one, because it is inconvenient to walk around.

Most people will choose Chinese cheongsam as a toast service, but I suggest you try it on at the mall to see if you are suitable for cheongsam. I have to admit that a large number of people wearing cheongsam are easily confused with hotel guests. If you are not suitable for yourself, don't choose it. You can't even like it!

If the traditional cheongsam is really not suitable and the bride is very fond of cheongsam, we can consider to improve the style. In the same way, the Chinese style has a variety of changes, which can meet the different needs of different people.

Hong Kong style dress is very gorgeous, more suitable for autumn and winter season, warm and beautiful.

Xiuhe suit is also a popular autumn and winter style in recent years, which is more inclined to the feeling of ancient clothes. The younger sister who has experienced the plot can try it, which is more temperament.

The color of toast

We should pay attention to the color of toast. Generally speaking, the color of toast is red. No matter what texture or style, red not only conforms to the wedding atmosphere, but also shows the bride's loveliness and temperament. However, in recent years, there are many choices for the color of toast, such as purple, pink, lake blue, blue and green. Brides can also choose other colors of toast according to their own preferences and skin color, as long as they don't choose too deep color.