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Is there any welfare for the candidates of 2018 college entrance examination? 134 new majors in 49 u

it's the annual college entrance examination season. I have been studying hard for more than ten years, but I can't find my favorite major when I come to the college entrance examination. It's really sad. Here's a good news from It tells you that there are 134 new majors in Guangdong universities, which you absolutely like. Let's have a look!

on the 21st, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the record keeping and approval of undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities in 2017, and 134 new majors of 49 undergraduate colleges and universities in Guangdong were included in the record keeping.

In addition to the specialties that have been put on record through the procedures of declaration, publicity and examination, the Ministry of education has also publicized the newly increased examination and approval of undergraduate majors, the adjustment of degree granting categories or the length of schooling and the cancellation of undergraduate majors. Four undergraduate programs of the Joint International College of Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University were cancelled.

The specific list is as follows:

2017 record and approval results of undergraduate major of ordinary colleges and Universities