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Why does the Forbidden City stop selling Qiqige dolls?

Recently, the launch of "qiaogege Doll" by the Palace Museum created a heated discussion. On the night of the 22nd, Taobao said that because of the opinions of many warm-hearted friends, Taobao thought that the body part of the doll was similar to that of a foreign brand doll, so it stopped selling the doll immediately, and all the sold dolls were refunded and recalled. Qiaogege dolls have been popular with many fans since they came into the market, but what's the matter when they suddenly get off the shelves? It seems that there are some problems in copyright. I hope more items with Chinese history and culture will be launched.

However, the statement also stressed that the head appearance of 'qiaogege Doll' was originally created by the designer of the Forbidden City, and it is impossible to have the same one on the market.

According to previous media reports, according to the traditional five senses impression of Chinese people, the Palace Museum Cultural Creation designed this kind of Chinese doll with black hair, apricot eyes, wide forehead and small mouth, and sold it in its Taobao certified enterprise store. The price is 599 yuan, including a puppet, 2 step shakes, 2 sets of silk flowers, 1 flag head, 1 pair of ear studs, 2 sets of shirts (outerwear), 1 set of middle coat, 1 belly pocket (underwear), 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of flower basin bottom Shoes, 1 desktop stand. The baby's limbs and head can move, with a height of 675 px.

As soon as the doll appeared, it received the praise of many netizens. After it was put on the shelves, it sold more than 100.

But at this time, some netizens pointed out that the body part of the doll is similar to that of a foreign brand doll.

Later, the issue caused a huge controversy in the "baby circle". Some people think that "the baby is the same", but "experts" say that is not the case.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Taobao, the Palace Museum, issued a note in its online shop, stating that "this baby doll of the Palace Museum, whose head appearance is originally painted by the designer of the Palace Museum, took three years to open the mold and proofread before it was successfully run in, and there is no possibility of the same one on the market. 'and' doll body part 'is the general body model with intellectual property provided by the cooperative factory, and the obligee authorizes us to use the body model. '

However, after today's product went on the market, the Palace Museum Cultural Creation received many warm-hearted friends' opinions that the body part of this doll is similar to that of a foreign brand doll. In view of this, it decided to stop selling this doll immediately.

According to the instructions, the body part of the doll will be re molded.