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What should I do the first time after I lost my ID card in prison?

ID card is a kind of certificate that everyone must carry when going out. It's a symbol of one's identity. What should we do if the ID card is lost? According to news reports, what happened to a man who was imprisoned for 11 years because of the loss of his ID card?

Two years ago, Li Fangjun, a 21-year-old from Fuyang, Anhui Province, inadvertently lost his ID card, according to Since then, he has not reported the loss but returned to his hometown to apply for a new ID card. But what he didn't expect was that at the beginning of this year, he was stopped by the railway police when he was driving in Dongguan because he was' serving a sentence '. To his surprise, he has been' in prison 'for 11 years.

Generally speaking, there is no reporting process after the loss of ID card, and the public security organ does not require special handling of the loss of ID card. The public security organ has no mandatory requirement for reporting the loss of resident ID card, all of which are voluntary. After the ID card is lost, it should be reissued at the police station in time. If necessary, it can be declared in the local newspaper.

What should I do when I lose my ID card?

Step 1: report the loss of ID card

The first thing to do when discovering the loss of ID card is to report the loss of ID card. The ID card contains a lot of our information. Once it is used, the consequences are very serious, so we should report the loss to the local police station immediately.

Step 2: report the loss on the Internet or media

After sending more reports of loss, you need to make necessary statements on the network to avoid others using your ID card for operation. Each province has its own website, which can be searched and inquired. Log in to the corresponding loss reporting website or Baidu, and then make a supplement.

Step 3: reissue ID card

If you are in the local area, it is very simple. Take your HUKOU book and go to the local police station to make up. There are two ways to make up the fees: fast and slow. The fees are different. You can choose according to your personal situation. You need to go to the police station to take photos. You can't bring your own photos.

Step 4: reissue ID card in different places

Specific procedures:

1) the agent shall hold the written power of attorney of the applicant (the content of the power of attorney shall cover the reason for the application, the type of the application certificate, the relationship with the agent, the name of the agent, the ID card number, the applicant's autograph, and other matters to be explained)

2) applicant's household register

3) two standard color photos of one inch 'second generation certificate' in the near future

4) the applicant loses the written application for the replacement of the resident identity card

5) the original and copy of the agent's resident identity card.

Step 5: precautions for reporting the loss of ID card

1) the lost ID card has the same legal effect and can be used before it expires.

2) online statement is just to prevent some things from happening as far as possible, and has no legal basis.

It usually takes three working days to apply for temporary ID card.

So if netizens lose their ID cards carelessly, they should report the loss and make up in time, so as not to give criminals a chance! Don't do anything like this.