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How to get rid of the mites on the quilt in spring? How to get rid of mites

Today's weather really has the taste of summer, so it's a wise choice to bask in the quilt in such a sunny day, but will the quilt that you put out with great effort in the sun play the role of eliminating mites? Next, let's learn how to get rid of the mites in the quilt with the help of the four seas net?

how to bask in the quilt? The dust mite can't be eradicated. Dust mites are still found in the exposed quilt with high power microscope. If you bask in the sun, how can mites die willingly on quilts? They can also escape. The sun evaporates the moisture in the quilt. It's not suitable for mites. They can only crawl away.

So we have to block their escape routes. Therefore, it is suggested that the quilt to be dried should be packed in large black garbage bags and tied properly. Pay attention to the black bag. Because the black bag absorbs heat, the quilt can absorb higher temperature quickly and kill bacteria more effectively. Then put it in the sun for 1-2 hours, and the mite will die at a high temperature of 50 ℃. If you want to get rid of your hatred, you should have a good time from the morning till the afternoon when the sun sets. When opening the bag and taking out the quilt, remember to pat it a few times, and then the body of the mite will be photographed out. At this time, the dust will come out, but many of them are mite bodies.

Is the smell of drying quilt the smell of baking mite? There are a lot of mites in the quilt. There is no doubt about that, so it is necessary to often dry the quilt. The ultraviolet ray of the sun can kill the mite. However, 80% of mites are water, and other parts are mainly composed of protein. Even if the sun scorches mites, it is not the smell of drying quilt we smell, but the smell of protein scorching. Therefore, the dried quilt is not the smell of toasted mite.

What's the smell of the quilt? There are many microorganisms in the quilt and cotton padded clothes, including small parasites such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and mites, as well as a lot of water and oxygen. They evaporate under the high temperature of the sun and water. Under the ultraviolet radiation, the fungi, viruses and parasites will be killed, and a little oxygen chemical bond will break to form ozone, microbial remains and odor Oxygen has taste and lacks absorption of water. Therefore, the quilt after sun has a 'sun smell'. And what we call the smell of the sun is actually the smell of microbial death mixed with the smell of ozone.

don't cover the sun dried quilt immediately. Don't cover the sun dried quilt immediately. Because the dried quilt has a 'sun smell', it doesn't smell very good, and the direct cover will affect sleep; in addition, there are many ozone and microbial remains left on the newly dried quilt, which will contact the skin when the direct cover is used, and it is easy to cause skin allergy. What to do with the sun dried quilt? Just knock it with a clean stick once. Quilts are made of cotton. Beating them with a stick can make them more fluffy and comfortable to cover. In addition, there are a lot of microbial remains on the sun dried quilt, which can effectively clear most of them, reduce the smell of the quilt and avoid skin allergy after the cover. In addition, there is a lot of ozone left in the quilt cotton, which can accelerate the air circulation, reduce ozone and reduce the smell of the quilt by knocking.