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Travel to Tibet these taboos must know 2018 travel to Tibet precautions

Tibet is rich in tourism resources, and Potala Palace is a place many people are fascinated by. However, there are many local customs and taboos. When you travel to Tibet, you must keep these taboos in mind. Don't cause yourself unnecessary trouble. Tibet is a place with extremely serious religious belief. You can better help yourself by knowing more common sense in advance.

1. Don't drive away the God fearing cattle and sheep

In the Tibetan area, if you see cattle and sheep with red, yellow and green cloth marks wandering in the countryside, do not drive them away or hurt them at will. These cattle and sheep are the sacrifice of the Tibetan people. In addition, the Tibetan people regard hawks and eagles as birds of God, and tourists do not hurt them.

2. Do not touch the Buddha statue in the temple

Without the permission of the temple staff, you are not allowed to enter the temple. Smoking is prohibited after entering the temple. You are not allowed to touch Buddha statues, scriptures and take photos without permission. Some places can't move in a counter clockwise direction. Some secret places forbid women to enter. In addition, do not use paper printed in Tibetan to wipe things. Tourists need to respect and abide by local customs.

3. Do not step on the threshold when entering the residence

Step into the tents and bedrooms of the Tibetan people, do not step on the threshold with your feet, let alone spit in front of the Tibetan people. But if Tibetans show their tongue to tourists as a sign of respect rather than ridicule, it is a kind of etiquette. When visiting Tibetan families, you should sit cross legged in the room, and do not look at people or look around.

4. It is not easy to smoke in Tibet

Tibetan lamas do not smoke, nor do they in monasteries. However, women and even young girls in pastoral areas often smoke. It's polite to ask for cigarettes and tea. Of course, for the tourists coming to Tibet, the plateau has less oxygen, so it is better to smoke less and breathe more air.

5. Cold is not suitable for Tibet

Before entering Tibet, pay attention not to catch a cold. If you have a cold, you'd better postpone entering Tibet, because it's not easy to recover from the cold on the plateau, and it will cause pulmonary edema and other complications. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare some cold medicine and gastrointestinal medicine. Secondly, the climate of Tibet is characterized by dryness, lack of oxygen and low air pressure. Therefore, taking some external nasal ointment and throat moistening tablets with you before entering Tibet can relieve the discomfort of the nose and throat caused by dryness. Moreover, the plateau ultraviolet is relatively strong, with an annual average radiation value of 6000-8000 mj per square meter, so you must wear a sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

6. Don't watch the celestial burial

The Tibetan government and tourism agencies do not encourage tourists to visit the celestial burial. Tibetans, especially the families of the dead, do not want the Han people to watch. This is a national habit and a common feeling. If you happen to encounter celestial burial, you should consciously avoid it.

7. Do not buy wild animal fur, skull, etc

Don't buy fur of any wild animals, horns of wild Tibetan antelopes, skulls of wild yaks, etc. in Tibet. This is tantamount to supporting the increasingly rampant poaching of wildlife in Tibet. In fact, if tourists are found carrying these items when they leave Tibet, they are likely to face great trouble.

8. Take photos with Tibetans carefully

Don't pay the locals you shot, or force them to shoot what they don't want you to shoot. Send them some food or medicine to increase their trust in you.

9. Do not bring foreigners into Tibet

Don't try to help foreigners without legal procedures to enter Tibet. Every tourist should know that the state has regulations that foreigners must have the approval of the tourism or foreign affairs department to travel to Tibet, and handle the travel approval documents. At the same time, they must travel within the scope allowed by the approval documents when accompanied by tourist vehicles and guides.

10. Do not call the Tibetan name directly

When addressing a Tibetan friend, you can add a word "La" at the back, which is a honorific name. In this way, you can show respect for him. Especially when you meet a friend for the first time, you should never call his name directly, which is very impolite.

11. Don't touch the Tibetan's head casually

In the traditional Tibetan culture, no one can touch his head without the monks and elders. It's very impolite to touch the Tibetan's head, which is very important.

12. When visiting Tibetan families, we should pay attention to the difference between men and women

When visiting a Tibetan compatriot's house, the man sits on the left and the woman sits on the right. It's not allowed to mix and sit; when seeing a fire at the door, or putting a branch in the door and sticking a red cloth on it, it means that the patient in this house should not enter.