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Why does pineapple use brine bubble to eat? The real reason is here!

The sweet and juicy pineapple is rich in nutrition. It can not only clear away heat and relieve summer heat, promote body fluid and quench thirst, but also help digestion. It is a seasonal fresh fruit with excellent food and medicine. But we all know that pineapple is soaked in salt water, so why should pineapple be soaked in salt water for a while before eating.

Why pineapple can't be eaten until it's soaked in salt water

Because there is an enzyme in pineapple, if eaten directly, it may cause allergic reaction, diarrhea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms, and may also stimulate the oral mucosa and the tender skin of lips. Salt water can destroy this enzyme. If the soaking time is not enough, the pineapple enzyme does not lose its activity completely, which may still cause allergy.

Media reported that a child in Chengdu still had an allergic reaction to redness and swelling of his lips after eating pineapple soaked in salt water. That's because pineapple doesn't take long. However, if the soaking time is too long, it will not only cause excessive loss of pineapple nutrition, but also because pineapple is rich in sugar and has been soaked in water, which is easy to breed bacteria.

Best time to soak pineapple in salt water

Pineapple is best soaked for about half an hour, which can avoid all the above problems and make pineapple more sweet. In addition, pineapple also contains oxalic acid, which will affect the absorption of calcium and iron by human body, and it will neutralize its acidity when soaked in salt, reducing the possible harm to human body.

Finally, if the top of pineapple fruit process is full and the peel turns yellow, it indicates that pineapple has reached nine maturity. This kind of pineapple has many juices, high sugar content and strong fragrance. If it's not eaten immediately, it's better to choose the fruit body which is still hard, light yellow with green luster, about seven or eight mature ones are better.