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How to supervise the video of shaking response user's high risk of serious injury?

Many friends on the tremolo, even with their wonderful video content, became popular overnight. With the popularity of all kinds of fancy playing methods in the short video, the high difficulty actions cause the imitation upsurge and frequent accidents. So in the face of high-risk video, we should try not to imitate it.

On March 20, it was reported that there were various kinds of fancy playing methods on the tremolo that attracted many users to imitate. Recently, a father in Wuhan imitated the video of somersault in the tremolo, which resulted in the event that his 2-year-old daughter was seriously injured by accident, which attracted many netizens' attention.

Recently, a father in Wuhan failed to learn to shake his voice and hurt his baby. The spinal cord of the 2-year-old baby was seriously damaged. On the 19th, @ tremolo short video released a statement, reminding users of 'don't easily imitate' difficult actions, and said that they are starting to improve product functions and plan to launch the 'risk prompt system'.

The following is the full text of the official response:

We have noticed that some users have an accident when imitating actions. In terms of tremolo, there are some actions taken by users with dance and sports foundation. Not all users are suitable for imitation.

We remind users, including parents, to pay attention to safety when shooting videos, and do not easily imitate difficult videos.

In addition, we have started to make improvements in product functions. For this kind of video, buffeting has been developing relevant product functions, and will be specially launched into the 'risk prompt system'. For the challenges and actions with high participation and user love, and potential risks, the product will give risk prompt in a significant position, inform the users participating in the simulation to do their best and do a good job of protection.

In this regard, some netizens said that although the video is very interesting, it's better to have a look at many of them. Never try your best to avoid regret.