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Is it true that harrow bike is free of deposit? How much is harrow bike?

Nowadays, sharing bicycles are rampant, and all kinds of sharing bicycles in the market have been saturated, and some of them are even going out of business. Do you know how to charge for harrow bicycles? It's so good that harrow bicycles are free of deposit.

On March 13, harrow bicycle announced that the national credit deposit will be exempted from now on. More than 650 of sesame users can sweep the car body's two-dimensional code through Alipay, and they can get a free bicycle ride in the country.

How much is harrow bike?

To rent 'hello bike', you need to download 'hello bike' mobile app, pay a deposit of 199 yuan at the same time, and use the car after passing the real name certification. There is also vehicle information on the app, which is convenient for citizens to borrow vehicles. Different from the public bicycles put in by the government, under normal circumstances, the rental fee of 'hello bike' is 1 yuan per half an hour, but from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day, due to the relative inconvenience of subway and public transportation, this period of time can be free riding. In addition, users can enjoy free transfer within 10 minutes.

Bike sharing uses Internet thinking and also requires the accumulation of personal credit. Each user has a credit score of 100 points after registration, and 1 point will be added for each ride. However, some uncivilized behaviors will be deducted, and 20 points will be deducted at one time if the user stops illegally (the GPS positioning on the vehicle body can be found to park illegally). When the user's credit score is lower than 80 points, the car price will be increased to 100 yuan per half hour.

Different from ordinary bicycles, hellobike adopts all aluminum frame, shock-absorbing solid tires and efficient chain drive system.

It can avoid dropping the chain or bursting the tire in the middle of the ride, and it can also avoid dirtying the skirt or trouser legs during the ride.

Compared with the existing public rental bicycles, the biggest feature is that they do not need to return the bicycles at a fixed location, but directly search for nearby vehicles through mobile phones, and return them as they borrow.

The realization of this feature depends on the black GPS intelligent lock on the car. GPS module and SIM card are embedded in the lock to facilitate vehicle positioning, search and anti-theft.