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How to pick good strawberries? Pick the sweetest strawberries!

About the lunar new year, strawberries gradually enter the peak production period. Strawberry can be harvested in 4-5 periods, from flat ground to high altitude. The harvest period can be as long as half a year. The yield of strawberry is large, cheap and sweet. Let's take a look at it with Sihai net.

There are more than 3000 common strawberry varieties, most of which are Fengxiang, although developed by the Japanese. The sweet degree of the fragrant strawberry is the lowest 10 degrees, the highest 16 degrees. It is very sweet. It can be used as the fresh fruit directly or as the processed product. Fengxiang strawberry, a common strawberry variety, has high sweetness and the best taste, but its antibacterial property is getting worse and worse. Farmers are actively developing alternative varieties;

Perfume strawberry: the aroma is special, but the sweetness is low, the acidity is slightly higher, and the fruit has a strong mouthfeel.

Apple and strawberry: the taste is solid, the maturity should be sweet enough to be obvious;

Tianlai strawberry: similar to Apple strawberry;

Taoyuan 4: the fruit is big, about 3 times as big as Fengxiang strawberry, and the pulp fiber is thick;

Basic skills of picking strawberries

It's better to pick strawberries as early as possible. It's better to arrive at the Strawberry Garden at noon, otherwise the big and sweet strawberries will be lighted by the first tourists. In addition, it's better to go on Friday, because Friday is the day before the holiday. At this time, you can pick the most strawberries. You'd better not go on Monday or Tuesday, because just after the holiday, mature strawberries have been picked, other strawberries are not fully mature, and there is less selectivity.

Color selection:

The ripe degree of transparent and bright red is enough, and the sweetness is good. If it's just pink on the surface, it means it's not mature yet, with high acidity, so it's not suitable for picking.

Not so good:

Big strawberries are not necessarily delicious, especially after 24 hours of continuous rain, the strawberry fruit will make the cells constantly swell after absorbing water. Although it looks big, it has low sweetness and is not resistant to storage. It is recommended to choose the strawberry with complete appearance and even red color, which is sweet only when it is ripe enough. In addition, strawberries that are bright red and a little purple red have reached 10 minutes of maturity. If you don't want to eat them immediately and store them, you can choose about 7 or 8 minutes of maturity to be more tolerant.

The right way to pick strawberries

When picking berries, hold the stem about 1-1.5cm away from the pulp with one hand, and cut off the upper part of the grip with scissors in the other hand. Do not touch the pulp in the process, so as to avoid damage to the skin by hand temperature as high as 35 degrees, so that the newly picked strawberries will rot in less than half a day. In addition, do not leave too long fruit stem, otherwise it is easy to hurt other strawberries.

Notes on picking strawberries 01 watch out for bees

Strawberry flowers need to be pollinated and bear fruit. It's impossible for bees to come from afar in cold weather. Strawberry growers will put a beehive in the strawberry shed. Bees work hard in the shed to pollinate and collect honey. Therefore, it's not certain which bee works in the flowers when picking. Be careful not to disturb them.

02 don't be greedy

When picking strawberries, eating strawberries is not prohibited (very clean, just blowing). People who grow strawberries do not use pesticides, because they think about bees and people who come to pick strawberries, so they also hope that people who pick strawberries think about them, because the more you eat, the less their income will be.

03 protect strawberry plant

Strawberries are planted on a ridge. When picking, each foot occupies a ridge, or both of them are in a ridge. Generally, the ridge is very narrow, so pay attention to trampling on strawberry plants due to unstable standing.

04 strawberry is not easy to be pressed

If the strawberries are picked less, you can use plastic bags. The place where the strawberries are picked will be provided. If the strawberries are picked more, you need to use a cardboard box. In this way, the strawberries will only bear the pressure of the upper part, but not the pressure of the two sides. The place where the strawberries are picked will also be provided. However, some of them will be charged directly. Some of them will be weighed together with the strawberries. Of course, if you bring your own better, such as the milk boxes of terensu and Jindian, it will be very good.

05 beware of cold

As it is a shed, the temperature and humidity inside are relatively high. People wearing glasses need to adapt for about 5 minutes. It will be very hot after the labor process of picking. Therefore, before picking, take off the coat and put it on when leaving the strawberry shed to avoid cold.

06 watch the strawberries carefully

Some strawberries perform well on the upward side, but on the downward side, that is, the side contacting the ground may be white and rotten due to ripening, so it is necessary to carefully observe the whole fruit when picking.

The right way to clean strawberries is to pack them in cartons. You can wrap them in newspapers, cover them with plastic bags, seal them, refrigerate them and wash them as much as you want. The washed strawberries can't stand to put and easily rot. Refrigerated in this way can keep fresh for about a week.

1. Don't rub: wash the surface with medium and small water column, and wash away the floating dust or the excreta of insects and animals. In the process, remember that the water column is not large, so as not to hurt the pulp.

2. Do not add salt: after salt collides in water, it is easy to form a protective film on the surface of the pulp, covering the whole pulp, but it is not clean. It is better to wash it with water.

If the wounded strawberries are used to make jam, if there is a lot of damage to the strawberries picked from the jam bar, it is suggested to make strawberry jam, which is not difficult:

1. After cleaning and cutting off the head, cut the larger strawberries into three pieces, then take a pot, put the strawberries and white sugar, both of which are about 5:1, and move them to the furnace to heat them with medium or small fire, and stir them continuously in the process.

2. After about 1 hour, add fresh apple puree (medium-sized apple, apple puree can make strawberry pectin completely blend), cook for 45 minutes, then add fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 1 piece, lemon can avoid oxidation, keep strawberry bright color), and cook for 15 minutes to start the pot. 3. After starting the pot, immediately put it into a glass bottle to seal the pot, and turn the bottle upside down (it can be sterilized in vacuum). After about 10 minutes, it can be straightened, placed in a cool place, and stored in the refrigerator after cooling.