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What is the meaning of Buddhism? What kind of life state is Buddhism?

Buddha department, which is the hottest word at the end of 2017, will be on the hot search in three days and two ends, and even many people begin to yearn for the life of Buddha department. What does Buddha Department mean? What kind of life realm is Buddha department?

The Buddhist system is a general term of life that does not take pleasure in things and does not take sorrow as its own, and takes "everything goes with fate" as its guiding spirit. It's just beginning to catch on among young people. As their name implies, they take the word "Buddhism" as their guide to life and lead a Buddhist life.

The popularity of the lottery continues to grow on the Internet, and many related words have been derived, such as Buddhist Star chaser, which refers to the fans who have been deeply involved in the fan circle and are tired of fan wars. At last, they hope to stay away from the disturbance and pursue a kind of star chasing state of love and peace, which is calm, calm, no quarrel, no criticism and no anti black.

Usually, the way to reach the Buddha's heart is to divert attention. For example, during the final exam, we will passively enter the Buddha's department to pursue stars, or simply jump into other pits of the game to divert attention. In general, the pursuit of stars in Buddhism is a common state of a group of old fans.

Because the word, also derived from the 'Taoist star chasing' and 'Confucian star chasing', can be said to be very popular.

Recently, Dou Jingtong is the most popular one in the entertainment circle. On the night of December 12, a video of Dou Jingtong shaving was posted on the Internet. The one who shaved Dou Jingtong's hair was the Tibetan Buddhist mentor Zong sarenpoche.

Netizens have speculated whether Dou Jingtong is going to become a monk or not. 'the first batch of post-90s have become a monk' is not a joke.

In fact, the real representative of Buddhism is not Dou Jingtong but Faye Wang. She does what she wants to do to the maximum extent. In the muddy water, she tries to keep her attitude and be loyal to her heart.

In terms of music attitude, Faye Wong once said: 'if I feel bad about a work and get too much praise from the outside world, it is a great pain. '

Wang Fei's attitude is very popular. More than 20 years ago, the media asked her what kind of love she wanted. She said bluntly: 'it's hard to say. It depends on whether you feel it. Maybe you'll fall in love with a plumber in the elevator. '

It doesn't matter whether it's a powerful family or a powerful one. All she wants is feeling. It seems to have something in common with Buddhism.

However, there are few people who can do this in life. After the fire of the 'Buddhist system', some discussions have been initiated. Some people think that not all things can be called "Buddha system", and trivial things in life can be indifferent, but how can we talk about love without being distracted?

How can you make a career if you don't pay attention to your work? Some people think it's just self mockery that people use to adjust their mood.

But many netizens also worry that this is to cover up the escapist psychology with the concept of "Buddhism". In fact, everything has a degree to see if you can find a balance point.