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How to keep dirty bags? How long can dirty bags be kept?

the dirty bread is soft, with delicate chocolate sauce interlayer inside. It's fresh and delicious. It's unforgettable. How to save the dirty bag? How long can the dirty bag be saved? Let's look at the following with the small edition of Sihai net.

how to save dirty packages?

How to keep the fresh bread in the dirty bag? Put one or two celery into the bag, then tie the bag tightly to keep the bread fresh. Bread is easy to dry, and put some vegetables in, artificially make some water, just adjust the humidity in the packaging bag. But in this way, bread should be eaten as soon as possible.

How long can dirty bags be kept?

It's better to finish it in two days, otherwise it will affect the taste.

A thick layer of chocolate is poured on the top layer of the croissant, and then sprinkled with chocolate powder. Take it up gently, and the crisp crust will crack. The bread part is also mixed with chocolate and noodles, and there is also a layer of chocolate sauce layer that can not be ignored. One bite into the thick chocolate and crisp skin, full of crispy hemp.

What is a dirty bag?

The so-called "dirty bag" is not really a dirty bag. Dirty bag is just like its name. It looks really dirty. After eating, it's full of mouth and hands. It's just chocolate and pastry bag. Dirty bag is actually a high-level version of chocolate. After eating, your mouth and hands will be stained with chocolate and become dirty, so it's called dirty bag