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When is the best time to pick strawberries? Strawberries can be sweet and delicious

When is the best time to pick strawberries? Normally, they will ripen completely in May. However, some of the strawberry orchards are planted in greenhouses, so that the strawberries will ripen in March. At this time, the climate is pleasant, which is the best time to pick strawberries. Therefore, sihaiwang suggested picking strawberries in March, so you can eat ripe strawberries.

According to the experts who can pick strawberries in a few months, the best time to pick strawberries is from late February to March. The quality of strawberries, such as sweetness and appearance, is the best. Strawberry is a kind of fruit that likes light, humidity, water stain, drought, and fertile and air permeable sandy loam. Strawberries usually have a good harvest from April to May. According to different regions, the time of listing is slightly different. Generally, when the spring temperature rises to more than 5 ℃, the plant begins to germinate, and the optimum growth temperature is 20-26 ℃. In Jiangsu Province, it germinated in late February, blossomed in the first and middle of April, and ripened in the last and middle of May. The temperature is lower than 17 ℃ in autumn, and the flower bud differentiates under the condition of 10-12 hours of short sunshine, and has short-term dormancy in winter.

We know from the fruit market that strawberries are generally available from February to March. In fact, from December to January every year, it is the peak season for picking strawberries, but some people say that strawberries in this period are basically ripening, so the real ripening time of strawberries is from February to March!

When picking strawberries, many people will buy picked strawberries. Because this is the result of their own work, in fact, strawberries at this time are not suitable for eating, because the mature season is too early, the nutritional value is not very high, and strawberries at this time may also be ripened, not suitable for eating. So in March, strawberry picking activities are focused on entertainment. If you want to eat strawberries, you should choose the normal mature may.