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How to quickly reduce the small belly in spring and reshape the perfect small waist?

Now, due to the constraints of the working environment, many female friends unconsciously have signs of small belly on their stomachs, but the small waist they want is broken, so today's sihaiwang small editor will introduce some methods to reduce the small belly, small waist is no longer a dream.

Drink more honey water

In fact, the effect of drinking more water and honey water in life is almost the same, which is to timely discharge the waste and toxin in the human body, as well as relieve constipation. However, compared with detoxification, honey water is preferred, because honey has a good nutritional value, is very good for the effect of clearing intestines and detoxification, and can help to hand in the small belly.

Eat less and eat more.

Eating less and eating more is also the most common way to reduce weight. This is to prevent too much food from entering the body and control the intake of each meal. However, nutrition can ensure absorption, which can well control the weight and reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines. That is to say, too much food accumulation will not occur, which will not cause the appearance of fat.

Abdominal curl

The best way to exercise thin belly is to sit up, which can directly affect the abdominal muscles, and make the fat burn continuously in the exercise, which is to help thin belly. Moreover, this kind of exercise has a significant effect. If you are lucky, there will be vest line. In this way, for small waist Is expectation still expectation?

Walk after dinner

Many girls will choose to take a rest immediately or even lie down to rest after meals. In fact, this will cause the accumulation of abdominal fat, which will lead to a larger small stomach. Therefore, it is better to stand for a while after meals, or walk around, to help the intestinal peristalsis, which is helpful for digestion, so it is effective to reduce the small belly, and it can also Prevent obesity.


Swimming should be an all-around exercise to lose weight. It can consume very high calories in swimming, that is to say, it can not only reduce the small belly, but also help regulate the human heart rate in the process of swimming. Now many girls will choose to swim, once you swim, you will Addicted.