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Why is MC Tianyou banned from broadcasting by CCTV? Why is Li Tianyou banned from broadcasting

as the live broadcast industry tends to be mobile, the job of anchor has become more and more popular, while the live content has become more and more vulgar. On February 12, CCTV's "focus interview" column commented on the live chaos. Among a group of anchors who misbehaved, MC Tianyou, who was recently banned by the whole network, was also named. Tianyou has been studying in low key in Beiying since he was banned. It seems that he will be an actor again. What do you think? Do you think God can rise again?

recently, the Central Propaganda Department, the central network information office, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, and the National Working Group Office of "eliminating pornography and fighting against Africa" have made arrangements. From the first ten days of February to the last ten days of April, we will further carry out the centralized rectification of illegal and harmful information and children's' evil code 'animation and game videos, such as the spread of vulgar and erotic violence on the live network platform.

On February 12, CCTV's "focus interview" column commented on the live chaos. Among a group of anchors who misbehaved, MC Tianyou, who was recently banned by the whole network, was also named. It was pointed out in the program that Tianyou came to talk about pornographic topics during the live broadcast, and also used rap to describe in detail all kinds of feelings after taking drugs.

I didn't expect that MC Tianyou, who was famous for shouting at Mai, was on TV in such a way.

On the evening of February 11, according to a senior practitioner in the live broadcasting industry, many head live platforms have received the notice from the relevant departments asking the whole network to block MC Tianyou, a famous anchor. In the early morning of the 12th, a live broadcast platform officially confirmed the news to the media, and said MC Tianyou was only one of the members of the banned broadcast list, with the exception of the fifth five opening of the betta anchor.

Subsequently, according to a live broadcast platform, in addition to not being able to broadcast live on each platform, Tianyou's short video will also be banned. Shortly after the confirmation of the news that Tianyou was blocked by the whole network, it was rumored that the small volcano video that Tianyou had been invited to settle in had been used, and the news that MC Tianyou account had been deleted had also come out.

So, what kind of red line did the anchorman of "one man drunk" hit?

In November 2014, Li Tianyou started his live broadcasting career and was rated as "best MC of the year" in 2015 and 2016. But it's because of calling Mai that he became famous. With the popularity of "one man drunk" and the spread of short videos, MC Tianyou was called the fast hand brother at that time.

In addition to the keyword of "shout wheat", every time Tianyou goes on a hot search, it's because of the x-tear incident with all kinds of stars. From Venus to Yang Mi to Wu Yifan, even Andy Lau, the king of heaven, can't help being ridiculed. It's our time. I have thousands of soldiers. Of course, there are also quotations such as "calling wheat the quintessence of China".

The only one who didn't rely on swearing was "love" with Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiuqiu, but both Qiuqiu and Zhao Benshan responded to this. The ball said that Tianyou is a good big brother, but for the attack of the net pass uncle Benshan on Tianyou's "being famous by any means", the ball also agreed in an interview.

In addition to public ridicule, Tianyou's performance on variety shows is also widely discussed by netizens. Especially at the gathering conference of the top 300 of "Happy Boys", as a performing guest, after singing the famous song "one man drunk", even the knowledgeable judges showed the following expressions--

In May 2017, it is said that Tianyou officially joined the volcano video with the price of 20 million yuan.

Founded in early 2016, volcano video is a 15 second original life video community incubated by today's headlines. Its' brother product 'is a live broadcast of volcano. It was jointly interviewed and ordered to be rectified by Beijing Internet and information office, Public Security Bureau and administrative law enforcement team of cultural market in April 2017 due to suspected illegal content. Later, today's headlines are also off the shelves of the volcano live broadcast, which will be integrated into the volcano video.

Shortly after the merger of the two, two 'trench news' came out of the volcano video one after another. One was the introduction of MC Tianyou at a high price of 20 million yuan, which was also called' today's top digging fast corner 'by the media at that time. Second, the government announced that in the next 12 months, the volcano video will pay 1 billion yuan to focus on subsidizing small video content.

According to the price list disclosed by relevant people, after coming to the small video of volcano, Tianyou did not reappear the glory of that year in the fast hand, but the commercial offer was still high. On the day of the order of "blocking the whole network", the volcano video also responded to the call in the first time and deleted the platform account of Tianyou. It is worth mentioning that on the 12th, the news that MC Tianyou was banned by the whole network was directly prompted on today's headlines that 'the content is not suitable for publishing'.

The loss of headlines and volcano videos can be imagined. In an interview, Zhang Zhanhao, CEO of cherry, an online artist agency, said that although the management of the anchor is simpler and more direct than that of the artist, the entrance and quality of the anchor are highly uncontrollable. If you want to train them in accordance with the artist model, not only the cost of capital and time, but also the unknown risk is difficult to measure.

In fact, before Tianyou was banned, each live broadcast platform had symptoms. In January 2018, a live broadcast platform began to ban the use of 'MC' as a prefix for the anchor, and 77 songs were listed as banned tracks. According to the observation of game daily at that time, Tianyou also removed the prefix of "MC" from its personal micro blog and live platform.

In any case, as mentioned in the focus interview, these vulgar anchors for the purpose of attracting traffic have brought great harm to the society, polluting the public space of the network, hindering our public interests, and hindering our pursuit of a better spiritual and cultural life.