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Why does Zhang Jiayi walk with a hunchback? Zhang Jiayi's story behind hunchback

in the previous paragraph, there are more and more videos and passages imitating Zhang Jiayi's walking posture on the Internet, which make him feel that his walking posture is standard. Therefore, each video has played him badly, and even once there was an upsurge of imitation. So Zhang Jiayi's walking is so hot. But do you know why Zhang Jiayi is hunchback? Zhang Jiayi is definitely the model of the middle-aged uncle. He has captured a large number of fans. Although he walks with a hunchback, he still has endless charm.

Why is it so hot to walk?

The whole people imitated Zhang Jiayi's walking. They didn't have Zhang Jiayi's life. Don't get Zhang Jiayi's disease. It's called fan when they walk, but it's called cramp when you learn it.

Zhang Jiayi is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, so he has a bent waist and a distinctive personality. In addition, in recent years, Zhang Jiayi's films have become more popular. Some fans are in the cause of adoration and liking, so they think that Zhang Jiayi with waist disease even looks better when he walks. This is called love house and Wu!

Zhang Jiayi's acting skills don't have to be said. What does it look like? A typical middle-aged man with a taste has high production and quality of his TV series. In 2017, six of his TV series were broadcasted. It's conceivable that the title of desperate Sanlang is his own.

After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Jiayi wanted to stay in Beijing. She had a chance to stay in the Beijing troupe, but was replaced by others at the last moment

After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Jiayi wanted to stay in Beijing. She had a chance to stay in the Beijing Theatre Group, but at the last moment she was replaced by someone else. Zhang Jiayi, who was so strong, went directly back to Xi'an, obeyed the school's distribution, and went to the West film studio. She stayed for nine years.

Because he wanted to be strong, Zhang Jiayi never used a double. He played martial arts in person. It was a common thing to fall down and hit. As a result, he fell ill with ankylosing spondylitis.

Zhang Jiayi's unique way of walking is not to attract people or show on purpose, but because of his physical pain. In his early years, because he could not get a good performance, he could only play different roles seriously and desperately, and play the role realistically, hoping to get the appreciation of the director. Finally, the opportunity is left to the prepared people, and And strive for excellence. But he has ankylosing spondylitis, although not fatal, but difficult to cure. When the attack, especially Teng, because every other half a month need to be injected, almost every day, the pain, the pain must take painkillers.

Therefore, we should not learn from Uncle Zhang Jiayi. To imitate him like this is not to respect him. It is a kind of blasphemy for a serious and excellent actor.