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How to recuperate liver fire in spring? What is better to eat in spring?

In spring, due to the hot diet, lack of sleep, weather changes and other reasons, it will lead to the exuberance of liver fire. Exuberance of liver fire will easily lead to restlessness, insomnia and dreaminess, which will affect the sleep quality and physical condition. Here is how to regulate the exuberance of liver fire in spring. In addition to diet regulation, it is also necessary to maintain a happy mood, and more outdoor sports will be carried out Exercise is also very good.

How to recuperate liver fire in spring

1. Often eat 'green' food

A large number of fresh vegetables and fruits have been listed in spring, which provides the best conditions for people to choose and match reasonably. 'green' food is the best choice to protect and nourish the liver. Fresh vegetables can be eaten raw or boiled. They can be exchanged daily. For example, soybean sprout, mung bean sprout, coriander, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, Chinese toon, shepherd's purse, celery, rape and willow sprout can not only supplement vitamins, inorganic salts and microelements, but also clear away the heat and moisten the dryness, which is conducive to the distribution of accumulated heat in the body.

2. Often eat bitter food

Bitter taste food is the natural enemy of fire. Bitter gourd is the bitter food that can reduce liver fire. No matter it's cold, fried or boiled in soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked without losing its blue color, it can achieve the goal of reducing liver fire to a certain extent.

Bitter food and bitter vegetables, Kuding tea, celery and so on, can reduce blood fat and liver, lose weight and heat, relieve fatigue and so on.

3. Light diet

To reduce liver fire, first of all, keep away from foods that are prone to liver fire. Irritating food is easy to lead to the rise of liver fire, such as spicy, hot and fried food, such as chili, ginger, pepper, curry & hellip; hellip; eating too much will lead to the rise of liver fire, while greasy food will increase the burden on the liver.

Therefore, in the diet of nourishing the liver in spring, we should pay attention to the light, and the main ingredients are sweet and smooth, such as lily, chestnut, Dendrobium and so on. To nourish the liver, we should save the acid and increase the sweetness, that is to say, we should eat less sour food to prevent the liver qi from overflowing. You can eat more sweet food to strengthen the spleen and stomach, such as jujube, yam, tremella and so on.

4. Comfortable mood

According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver is the "general's official" who is responsible for catharsis, blood collection, and emotional illness, which is easy to cause "anger injury to liver". Therefore, we often think that hyperactivity of liver fire leads to irritability, but emotional ups and downs, irritability and irritability are also easy to stimulate liver depression and turn fire, leading to the rise of liver fire.

Therefore, one of the most important ways to reduce the heat of the liver is to keep the mood and calm, that is, to adjust the mood and stabilize the mood. Through venting and transferring, you can also eliminate anger and keep your spirit happy.

5. Ensure adequate sleep

How to regulate liver fire? Sleep is also very important. Because rest time affects the health of the liver. From 11 o'clock in the evening to 3 o'clock in the morning, the blood will flow through the liver and gall bladder. The body should be in a complete rest state, so the metabolism and repair of the liver can be carried out smoothly. Long term sleep time is insufficient, easy to lead to the problem of rising liver fire.

6. Keep moderate exercise

In spring, outdoor activities suitable for the season, such as walking, outing, playing ball, Taijiquan, etc., can not only make the body Qi and blood clear, promote metabolism, strengthen the body, but also nourish the liver, and achieve the purpose of liver protection and health care.

Form a fixed exercise habit, at least twice a week for about 30 minutes each time, which can activate the nervous system, help to secrete endorphins, fight depression and protect the liver. It should be noted that patients with severe liver disease should stay in bed more, avoid strenuous exercise and labor, and take appropriate activities when the condition is stable.

7. Traditional Chinese medicine for liver protection

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the liver cannot be replenished. Once it is replenished, the fire will be ignited, and the spleen and kidney will be replenished to nourish the liver. For people with spleen deficiency, take ginseng spleen tonic pill, job's tears, yam, Gorgon root and congee. People with kidney deficiency can take Liuwei Dihuang pill, stewed chicken with wolfberry and Gastrodia. For the people with great liver fire, they can take Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill and make tea with chrysanthemum to protect the liver.

In addition, some simple herbs can also help to clear the fire. For example, in the aspect of medical treatment, those who are too hot in the liver can use chrysanthemum, Xihuangcao, Prunella vulgaris, white peony and other herbs to calm the liver and rest the fire, and they can also be decocted and drunk together, or Chinese herbal tea can be used for health care, such as Coptis, Scutellaria, etc.