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How does spring pollen allergy do? Try these little tricks

The weather has begun to warm up gradually, and flowers in many places have been competing for glory. At this time, it's the best time for spring outing or field outing. However, people who are allergic to pollen are very distressed, so let's learn what to do with pollen allergy in the next spring with the small edition of

The colorful spring is coming. There are many kinds of pollens in nature, but only a few pollens can sensitize specific individuals and cause pollinosis. Pollinosis is closely related to plant pollen, and both are directly related to weather. Weather changes have an important impact on the pathogenesis of pollinosis. Pollen allergy has become the trouble of many people with allergic constitution. Pollen allergy often occurs in people with allergic constitution. Due to different parts of the body, the symptoms are different. It is generally allergic to eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

Prevention of pollen allergy in spring

1. When pollen is abundant, close doors and windows. In rural areas, pollen is abundant in the morning, while in urban areas, it is usually abundant in the evening.

2. Keeping the room air moist is the best way to eliminate the influence of pollen.

3. Avoid pollen producing environment. It's better to go out less in spring, and strengthen protection in dry and windy weather. If you go out, you should wear long sleeve clothes, mask or white transparent gauze to avoid pollen allergy.

4. Take anti allergy drugs with you. Passive prevention is better than active change, and anti allergy should start with adjusting one's own constitution. At this time, it is particularly important to use anti allergy probiotics in advance to adjust the allergic constitution and remove the long-term allergic antibody IgE deposited on the cell membrane.

5. In the sunny and windy weather, it is better to hang the wet curtain, curtain or wet gauze net on the door and window to prevent the pollen from entering the room when the window is opened. When sleeping, put the coat on the outside into the living room or another room.

6. Wash hands and hair in time when going home to reduce the influence of pollen.

7. Choose a time, place, vacation and travel that are not prone to allergies. It's better to go out for a walk in spring after the rain, when the air is fresh and the pollen has little effect.

8. do not draw eye shadow in spring, do not use mascara and cosmetics, irrigate the eyeball, irrigate with cold water, and use eye drops with anti-inflammatory and anti allergic effects. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

When you go out for a outing to appreciate flowers, remember to prevent pollen allergy and try these tips.