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The latest production of 2018 holiday strategy

As we all know, with the end of the new year's Day holiday, people turn around and enter the new year - 2018. In 2018, there will be many holidays, so how to spell the holidays in 2018?

In general, there are different holiday strategies every year, and 2018 is no exception. According to the holiday schedule of legal holidays in 2018, netizens gave a new way to spell holidays. Let's take a look at it in detail!

New year's day in 2018:

From December 25 to 29 this year, you can take 5 days off for 10 consecutive days

Spring Festival:

1) from February 11 to 14, you can take 4 days off for 12 consecutive days

2) from February 22 to 24, you can take three days off for 11 consecutive days

3) the above-mentioned 7-day leave has been taken, and it can be taken for 16 consecutive days


3 days off from April 2-4, 8 days off in succession

May 1:

May 2-4 please take 3 days off, you can take 8 consecutive days off

Mid Autumn Festival, National Day:

From September 25 to 30, please take 6 days off, 16 days in a row

The total number of legal holidays in 2018 is 29 days.

How many days off in 2018: 133 days. Because in addition to 29 days of holidays, there are 52 weekends, a total of 133 days.

How many working days are there in 2018: 232. 2018 is a normal year with 365 days in total, excluding 133 days of holiday, so the working day is 232 days.

Schedule of holidays in 2018 New Year's Day: holidays on January 1 and weekends.

Spring Festival: 7 days off from February 15 to 21. Work on February 11 (Sunday) and February 24 (Saturday).

Qingming Festival: 3 days off from April 5 to 7. Go to work on Sunday, April 8.

Labor Day: 3 days off from April 29 to May 1. Go to work on Saturday, April 28.

Dragon Boat Festival: it's off on June 18, and it's continuous with the weekend.

Mid Autumn Festival: it's off on September 24, and it's continuous with the weekend.

National Day: 7 days off from October 1 to 7. September 29 (Saturday), September 30 (Sunday).