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Constant speed cruise, runaway run, Mercedes Benz owners tell the details of runaway Adventure

Cruising out of control! Mercedes Benz responded. Recently, the news that a Mercedes Benz c200l car lost control after cruising at a constant speed of 120 km / h attracted attention. And racing driver Han Han also made a detailed comment on this matter. Whether the car owners want to hype or Mercedes Benz vehicles have brake failure? There is no final conclusion at present, and the police are expected to further investigate and publish the details.

Driving this Mercedes Benz c200l, Mr. Xue of Henan ran at a constant speed of 120 km / h. when he switched to manual driving, he found a fatal situation. The brake and gear systems could not operate normally. At this time, the car still drove at a constant speed and kept at 120 km / h. Fortunately, thanks to the assistance of traffic police and the joint efforts of Mercedes Benz after-sales, the galloping Mercedes Benz finally stopped safely.

For this matter, Beijing Mercedes Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. has now officially given an explanation and has set up an expert technical team to investigate the incident. At present, Mercedes Benz does not have the technology to intervene the vehicle in the background, and Mercedes Benz vehicles have multiple security systems to ensure that drivers can still brake in extreme cases. In addition, the statement also revealed that Mercedes Benz has made friendly communication with the owners, and hopes to obtain their consent as soon as possible to carry out professional testing of relevant vehicles.

Mercedes Benz has contacted car owners, according to Henan business daily. In addition, the owner said that Mercedes Benz has "come to me to test the vehicle", and the owner and Mercedes Benz will meet at the same time.

Can't turn off the cruise car and run on the highway

At about 8:00 p.m. on March 14, 2018, Mr. Xue of Jiaozuo drove Henan h5l & times; Mercedes Benz c200l car to Chengdu from east to west along Lianyungang Huozhou Expressway to attend the national order meeting.

At that time, he drove alone from Luoyang section of Lianhuo Expressway to the expressway, and then started the constant speed cruise mode, with a speed of 120 km / h all the way to the West.

After passing Sanmenxia east station smoothly, Mr. Xue needed to switch manual driving, but he found a fatal situation: the brake and gear systems could not operate normally, and the 120 km / h car could not switch back.

Just bought more than a month of car problems, let him at a loss, the car has been unable to slow down, can not stop. This means that he will face the test of life and death as long as there are any obstacles in front that need to be slowed down.

Mr. Xue called Mercedes Benz for after-sales service many times during the driving process, and operated according to various solutions provided by him, but failed & hellip; & hellip;

At 9:35 p.m., desperate, he called 110 for help. Lingbao City Public Security Bureau 110 received the police, quickly informed the police situation to Sanmenxia Road police joint center.

[self help]

I want to scratch, rear end and slow down, and finally give up the adventure

At 9:40 that night, five minutes after Mr. Xue called the police.

Zhang Jianyong and Zhang Jingbo, the police of the accident of the second brigade of Sanmenxia high speed traffic police, received the police situation. According to the instructions of the chief Yang Hongwei, they immediately drove the police car and sounded the siren, and all the way 'clenched' the 'problem Benz'.

The police got in touch with Mr. Xue, got to know the situation and began to negotiate emergency measures. The vehicles are still running out of control, closer and closer to the provincial border stations in Henan and Shaanxi.

In the phone call, the police further appeased Mr. Xue, let him stabilize his mood, keep calm, and timely take emergency measures to avoid danger.

At the same time, the police also informed Chai Haifeng, the leader of the provincial order team, to arrange police forces to give all-out assistance at the provincial toll station, open a life passage, and inform all toll stations along the line to control the vehicles in the upper station and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

The runaway Mercedes is still racing.

Under the constant appeasement of the police, Mr. Xue, whose life was in the air, kept calm and continued to move forward with his excellent driving skills under the situation of danger.

The high-speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily that on the way, people also wanted to avoid danger, such as scratching the guardrails and trucks, or chasing the large trucks running in the same direction to slow down. But the risk is too great to give up.

But not far ahead is a pass that will test all parties again.


Opening the door forces the vehicle to slow down to 60 km / h

High speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily that Mr. Xue had tried a way from Sanmenxia to the border between Henan and Shaanxi.

It is to unbuckle the safety belt and open the door a little while while driving, which can force the vehicle to slow down.

"The speed did drop, from 120 to almost 60. "The police said that although the speed has decreased, it is still not slow. Moreover, when the door is opened, the vehicle is very unstable and dangerous. So Mr. Xue closed the door again.

But when the door was closed, the speed quickly returned to 120 km / h.

"The driver's driving skills are really excellent, and the car is Mercedes Benz. Our Skoda police car failed to catch up with the front all the way in the back. '


Traffic police of Henan and Shaanxi province open the road to let the car pass the toll station

Provincial toll stations are an important test for all parties. If it is not completely unobstructed here, it will not be able to let the galloping Benz pass smoothly.

Moreover, the lane of the toll station is not as wide as the expressway. Mr. Xue needs to drive at 120 km / h. This is a test for anyone.

Police quickly cleared three etc lanes of the toll station and ensured the smooth passage of the central square of the provincial border station.

At the same time, the police communicated with Shaanxi high-speed traffic police and opened all the lanes into Shaanxi.

In this way, the traffic police of Henan and Shaanxi Province continued to relay, and in ten minutes, opened up a smooth life channel for Mr. Xue.

Less than one minute after everything was ready, at 10:25 p.m. that night, according to the guidance of the traffic police, Mr. Xue drove a Mercedes Benz car from the etc channel of Henan Shaanxi border toll station to pass through the provincial border station without obstacles and left Henan. On the monitoring screen, a white car flashed by, unable to see the car at all.

[stop and stop]

Mercedes Benz's after-sales background operation car is no longer out of control

It's almost an hour since Mr. Xue called the police. In the runaway car, Mr. Xue has no choice but to wait and pray. How can the car stop?

The gratifying news soon came: after entering Shaanxi, Mercedes Benz after-sales finally operated in the background, which made the Mercedes Benz, which was out of control for 100 kilometers on the expressway and nearly an hour out of control, return to normal control, stop at the 923km section of Lianhuo Expressway safely, and be pulled away from the expressway safely from Huayin station.


If it wasn't for the traffic police, I would have been really dangerous this time

Mr. Xue, who has experienced the test of life and death, has arrived in Chengdu safely to attend the meeting.

Mr. Xue himself is an amateur racing driver. Although his driving skill is better than that of ordinary people, he still has a lingering fear after the 'speed of life and death': 'without the protection like that of racing cars, if it wasn't for the high-speed traffic police to block ahead of time, clear the Road and make way, I would be really dangerous this time. '

Henan Business Daily: what solutions did Mercedes Benz provide on the way?

Mr. Xue: at that time, senior technicians including Mercedes Benz also contacted me many times to tell me how to cut off the power, brake, change the neutral gear, etc. (try to reduce the speed and stop the car), but it didn't help and didn't respond. When out of control, the whole car can only be controlled by the steering wheel.

Henan Business Daily: have you ever thought of avoiding danger on the way?

Mr. Xue: one is to scratch the roadside guardrail, but it is dangerous to rub the side of the door when driving at high speed. Because the speed is fast and the car is heavy, and the guardrail is soft and not completely straight, it is very easy to lose control, I am not sure.

There are large trucks running in the same direction in front of me. If they collide with each other, the force will not be very strong. I will have time to help myself. So I think if I can't, I will rear end the trucks. There are crash barriers behind them. I aim at them to rear.

Henan Business Daily: is there any failure reason for Mercedes Benz at present?

Mr. Xue: there is no definite reason. They said there had been no such problem, not even the headquarters in Beijing. When we get back to Jiaozuo, we will have a comprehensive inspection.

I rushed to Chengdu. After the car stopped, I restarted it. I couldn't wait for the spare car provided by Mercedes Benz. I drove to Chengdu again. I drove at a low speed all the way, and I didn't cruise at a fixed speed.

It's really tiring to run a long distance. I usually run a lot. When I drive a car with this function, I usually cruise at a fixed speed.

Henan Business Daily: what kind of reply do you expect from Mercedes Benz?

Mr. Xue: I just want to know how the runaway happened. As an example, when they find out what's the reason, I can tell you and solve the problem, so as to avoid other people's danger like me. If manufacturers want to have an attitude towards consumers, since there are problems, they must find out the reasons and solve the problems.

Henan Business Daily: what to do after returning to Henan?

Mr. Xue: I have to thank the high-speed traffic police. Thank you so much. So many police help me. In addition, I hit someone's crossbar when I passed the toll station quickly. I have told the traffic police that I should pay for it. I also remember that I didn't pay the toll when I lost control.