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Which day is February 2018 when Erlong looks up? What are the folk customs of dragon head?

it has become a custom for the second dragon in February to raise his head to eat pancakes and cut his hair. So what day is the second dragon in February? "The second dragon in February raised his head and the children shaved their heads. 'February 2 is actually a festival with Chinese culture. Children in many families will have their hair cut on the second day of February in the lunar calendar. What other customs do they have besides haircut?

March 18, 2018 lunar February 2, Sunday

The custom of raising the head of the dragon in February

1. Eating dragon food

On February 2, we also pay attention to our diet. On this day, we usually eat in the name of dragon. Eating spring cakes is called "eating dragon scales", eating noodles is called "helping dragon whiskers", eating rice is called "eating dragon seeds", eating wonton is called "eating dragon eyes", and eating dumplings is called "eating dragon ears". All this is to wake up the Dragon King, and pray for him to bless the year and get a good harvest.

Of course, different regions have different food, but it's a common custom to eat spring cakes. In the book "the history of drinking in the Ming Dynasty", it is recorded: "on the second day of February, every household uses millet flour and jujube cake, which is fried in oil, or white flour and thin stall as pancakes, called" fumigating insects ".

2, haircut

On February 2, the barber shop was very busy. Everyone needs a haircut this day. There is a saying that "no haircut in the first month" is popular among the people. Many people won't do it again for a month after finishing their haircut in December, but wait until February 2.

Why do people have to have their hair cut on February 2? It is said that shaving on this day will make people lucky and prosperous. Therefore, the proverb goes, "shaving on February 2 has a spiritual head in one year". It seems that if you have your hair cut on this day, you will have a good head, and the weather will be smooth all the year round.

3. Pick up the girl

Another important custom on February 2 is to pick up the "girl", that is, the mother's family takes back the married daughter, so there is the saying of "February 2, take the girl". There are many manners in Northern Jiangsu, among which 'girl' can't live in her mother's house in the first month, and she has to go back to her mother's house on the same day after coming to her mother's house for new year's worship. But on the second day of February, my mother's family will come to pick up my daughter and stay for a few days. First, I have been busy for a long time in the first month, and I am tired, so I will take her home and have a good rest. Second, I will be busy at the beginning of the new year, so I will reward her.

On the day of being picked up, the girl, apart from eating and drinking, was just chatting with each other, relaxed and happy. But the city people "take the girl" is the girl, the son-in-law bring back together to eat a rich lunch. This custom is also very popular in Beijing and most of the north of China, many areas have continued to this day.

4, the introduction of dragon

In Shanxi, the most important custom is to lead the dragon. It's called "Si Qian Long" in the northwest of Shanxi. Before the sun goes out in the morning of February 2, every family has to carry buckets to the river or the well to get water. When drawing water, there is copper money in the bucket. After lifting the water, you can walk and sprinkle it. When you get home, you can pour the remaining water into the water tank, which brings back the Qianlong. Don't talk when leading Qian Long to avoid frightening him away.

In the eastern part of Henan Province, on the morning of February 2 of the lunar calendar, every family will use the ashes in the furnace to store in the yard and outside the gate, that is, put the ashes of plants and trees on the shovel with a long handle and scatter them into a circle, and then put different grains in the center, which is actually a kind of wish of the farmers for a good harvest.

5, sacrifice Society

In the south, the custom of "February 2" is still followed, such as in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions. In addition, a new custom of "February 2" has been formed, which is similar to the custom of dragon head Festival and mainly based on the custom of "sacrificing Society", such as in the Hakka area of Guidong.

The God of land was called "society" and "Social God" in ancient times. It is said that it is the God of land management. Because the earth carries all things and gathers wealth in the earth, human beings worship the land. After entering into the agricultural society, the belief in land was linked with the harvest and apology of crops. In the south of China, the God of land is generally worshipped, which is also called "God of land" and "God of good fortune". Hakkas call it "land Bogong". The social day of February 2 is rich in content. Its main activities are to sacrifice land and gather social drinks to entertain people by worshiping and entertaining gods.

6. Unable to do needlework

Women can't do needlework on this day, because Cang Long will look up and see the world. Using the needle will hurt the dragon's eyes. Before a woman gets up, she thinks' on February 2, the dragon looks up. If the Dragon doesn't look up, I look up '.

After getting up, I will light the beam with a lantern and read 'February 2, shine on the beam, scorpion centipede has no place to hide'. In some places, women stop washing clothes for fear of hurting Longpi, etc.