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Which tour is better for Qingming Festival? Top 10 tourist attractions of Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival holiday is coming: April 5 (Thursday) to 7 (Saturday) off for 3 days. Go to work on Sunday, April 8. Where are you going to have a three-day long holiday on Qingming Festival? Many people like to go out to play on Qingming Festival, so where is the best place to travel on Qingming Festival?

1, West Lake

The West Lake in Hangzhou has its own scenery no matter the rain, snow, sunshine or shade. The West Lake in spring has a special flavor. Su Bai two dykes, peach and willow. On both sides are water waves and boats. In the distance, there are mountains, sky and green. Walking on the dike at this time, you will be amazed by the scenery in front of you, even intoxicated, wondering whether you have entered the fairyland outside the world.

2, Suzhou

Suzhou Tourist Attractions not only have the beauty of gardens, but also the beauty of mountains and rivers. Temples and famous temples are all over the urban and rural areas; cultural relics and historic sites complement each other. It is also famous at home and abroad for its poems, paintings and calligraphy. The plum blossom in Suzhou spring is particularly charming. In addition to the plum blossom competition in spring, Suzhou itself is also worth visiting.

3, Mount Huangshan

Everything revives in spring, and the fairyland in the cloud sea of Huangshan also seems to wake up with the unique breath of spring. Therefore, there is a saying that Huangshan does not look at the mountains when he comes back. Huangshan has five unique features: strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow, which have long been known by the world. As we all know, Huangshan spring flowers (all kinds of flowers and trees collectively) are no less than the five jues of Huangshan, which should be equal to the five jues and become the sixth Jue of Huangshan.

4. Phoenix ancient city

Phoenix ancient city, the 'most beautiful town in China' in the mouth of Louis alley, a New Zealand writer, is located in the southwest of Xiangxi, Hunan Province. When the ancient city was built in Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, it was surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the Tuojiang River passed through the city. The red sandstone walls stood on the bank, and the South Huashan Mountain stood against the towers of the Qing Dynasty. Under the north gate of the river, across a narrow wooden bridge, stone as the pier, here was the only way out of the city.

In spring, the temperature is about 20 degrees. The weather is very good. Looking at it, it's green. In the morning, you can see the beautiful scenery of Tuojiang River with heavy fog. It's the so-called rainy Phoenix.

5, Wuyuan

Wuyuan is known as the "book town" and "tea town" and is known as the "most beautiful village in China". Wuyuan's scenic spots revolve around its villages. The most famous are rape flowers and Hui style buildings. The beauty of the countryside lies in the natural harmony. Among the yellow rape flowers on the terrace from March to April, Jiangling Village is the best place to see them in Wuyuan.

Every spring, the pink peach blossom and white pear blossom are interspersed in the golden rape flowers all over the mountains, and the Hui style buildings with white walls and grey tiles are covered, so that everyone who escapes from the numerous cities can find their home.

6, Yangzhou

Spring is the best time to visit Yangzhou. From April 18 to May 18 every year, Yangzhou city holds the "fireworks March economic and Trade Tourism Festival". At this time, Yangzhou is full of misty rain and rare Qionghua is in full bloom with fragrant flowers. Yangzhou has many historic sites. In the Qing Dynasty, it was known as "the best garden in the world". So far, many excellent classical gardens have been preserved, such as Slender West Lake, Daming Temple, individual garden and he garden. In addition, Yangzhou cuisine is the most attractive.

7, Kunming

Kunming is worthy of the nickname "Spring City". The weather is often like February and March, and the flowers keep blooming for four seasons. No matter from which point of view Kunming must be bright in spring, the sky is blue and high, as if it is transparent. The sun is shining brightly at will, facing everyone walking in the city. In March, the number of minority festivals in Yunnan gradually increased, with multi-ethnic integration here. There are various customs and cuisines, walking and stopping in this city full of life atmosphere, staying for a moment and feeling more.

8, Qingdao

In recent years, xiaoqingxin style has set off a boom among young people in China, and Qingdao is also known as the place where xiaoqingxin literary and art youth must go. The city is accompanied by the sea, with old European buildings and endless historical stories. On a sunny spring afternoon, besides enjoying the sunshine on the beach, walking on an old street is also a good choice. Maybe you can see an interesting caf é or an interesting house around the corner. Who said to travel all day, a book a cup of coffee spent a leisurely afternoon is also a time story.

9, Sanya

There is no doubt that Sanya is a rare city in China that can become the world's top resort. People who are used to the fast-paced life of the city will rush into this seaside town in succession during their holidays. The sunshine in spring is not so exposed. It's so enjoyable to take a leisurely walk on the beach, bathe in the gentle sunshine in the evening, play at the seaside, breathe healthy in the rainforest and enjoy the natural wonders.

10. Guilin

Finally, I'd like to introduce the scenic spot on the back of the fifth set of 20 yuan paper money, known as the "best in the world" Guilin landscape. Guilin landscape generally refers to the landscape from Guilin city to Yangshuo County. There are many mountains and peaks in Guilin. The famous Xiangbi mountain is the main landscape of Guilin. The mountains are clear and the waters are beautiful. There is a Lijiang River under the high mountains. At dawn, it can be seen that the local people are boating on the Lijiang River, surrounded by fog and mist. The mountains and rivers are looming. The stern of the boat has a solitary lamp and several cormorants as companions. It has the demeanor of a noble man outside the world. In fact, it's just a common sight for the local people, but this rare cultural landscape provides materials for many photographers. The works here have won many awards and amazed the world.

Qingming Festival weather forecast 2018 Qingming Festival is in April every year. Under normal circumstances, the weather temperature of Qingming Festival is generally about 15-20 degrees.

Qingming Festival is usually not too cold, but although it indicates that the weather is warm and colorful, it is also often 'noisy weather'. The temperature changes greatly and there is more rain. Every year around the Qingming Festival, it is often rainy in Jiangnan. This year is no exception. From April 5 to this weekend, most of the South will be covered by rainy weather.

Qingming is the solar term representing phenology, which means sunny weather and lush vegetation. On the day of Qingming Festival, there are folk customs such as outing, cold food and tomb sweeping. As the saying goes: 'clear the snow, rain the frost. 'in the Qingming period, spring is getting stronger and the climate in the basin is warm. However, there may still be cold air intrusion around the Qingming period.