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What are the taboos of the rise of the second dragon in February? A survey of Customs in different p

Tomorrow is February 2. It's the traditional solar term in China. It's usually around the time of hibernation. What's the taboo about February 2's rise? Let's learn about it with the small edition of How many taboos do you know about February 2's rise?

The taboo of the rise of the second dragon in February

1. Don't eat noodles on February 2, because noodles are long and thin, like long whiskers. Beijing, Henan and other places in February 2 taboo eating noodles, said that eating noodles is to eat Longxu, offended Longwang, that year will be waterlogged. We can't drink porridge or eat rice. People think porridge is dragon blood and rice is dragon. Can't spin flowers, because 'February 2 spinning flowers, rouge dragon hair dragon claw'. Dragon claw means lightning strikes people. Don't wash clothes in some places, for fear of hurting Longpi. Don't go out of the house before the sun rises in Wucheng area, or you will 'kick the hoarding point', smashing the hope of a year's harvest.

2. There are many taboos during February 2. The most common thing is that women are not allowed to move scissors, needles and threads. They are afraid to poke longan and wear it to the faucet. They are also afraid to cut the faucet with a knife. In addition, many places in Shanxi and Hebei avoid carrying water in the morning. It is believed that carrying water in the morning will carry the dragon home. In Suide, Shaanxi Province, carrying water in the morning will touch the tap. Unlucky.

3. On February 2, you should be very careful not to use a knife to cut the needle or thread, otherwise you will hurt the 'dragon eye' and poke the 'dragon eye'. When carrying water in the morning, it is forbidden for the bucket to touch the well side, or it will hurt the faucet. Avoid grinding this day to avoid pressing the tap. Also taboo eating porridge and drinking pimple soup. Otherwise, it will be hail.

What are the Customs on February 2

(1) in February, Erlong raised his head, and all the small households farmed cattle

February 2 is also a rural farming day. As the saying goes: 'in February, the second dragon raises his head, and every small household cultivates cattle'. But there are also some places where spring drought is more serious and spring rain is as expensive as oil. If the spring rain is abundant, it indicates a good harvest. So there is another saying: "in February, the second dragon looks up and the big warehouse is full of small warehouses.". '

② on February 2, according to the beam of the house, there is no place for scorpions and centipedes to hide

There is a folk saying that "on February 2, when the house beams are illuminated, there is no place for scorpions and centipedes to hide". On this day, the common people will drive away pests, light candles, drive away scorpions and centipedes from the house beams and walls. These insects will fall down and be wiped out as soon as they see the light. The custom of carrying out insect repellent activities on this day is mainly popular in northern China. On February 2, around the one of the 24 solar terms of hibernation, the activities of various insects including poisonous insects began to be frequent. In order to avoid the harm of poisonous insects, people held some activities with the meaning of insect repellent. For example, use sticks, brooms or shoes to knock on beams, walls, doors, bed Kang, etc. to avoid insects such as snakes and scorpions, scorpions, rats, etc. Usually I also want to chant songs, such as' February 2, when the dragon looks up, the scorpion and centipede don't show their heads. On February 2, ten litters of mice were blind. '

(3) in February, the second dragon looks up. If the Dragon doesn't look up, I look up

February 2 is also a day to look forward to academic success. In the past, private school teachers used to take in students on this day, which was called "taking the lead". Students will also say: 'on February 2, the dragon looks up. If the Dragon doesn't look up, I look up. '

④ stir fried beans in February

It is said that in ancient times, when there was a long drought in Guanzhong area, the Jade Emperor ordered the little dragon in the East China Sea to sow rain. Bruce Lee is fond of playing. He goes into the river and doesn't come out. There was a young man who picked "dragon subduing water" from the cliff and stirred the river. Bruce Lee emerged from the river to compete with the young man. Bruce Lee was defeated and had to sow rain. In fact, the so-called "dragon head up" means that after hibernation, hundreds of insects begin to wake up. So as the saying goes, 'on February 2, the dragon looks up, and the scorpion and centipede all show their heads. 'eating beans Shandong rural people say: fried scorpion claws, exorcising evil and praying for blessings.