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Can the deposit for cool cycling still be refunded? How can't you refund the deposit for cool cyclin

This year's CCTV 315 party exposed the problem of refunding the deposit for shared bicycles, which has been criticized by consumers for a long time. In the program, some consumers said: 'Cool cycling deposit can't be refunded, which is equivalent to public robbery!' I believe that after the program is broadcast, many people are concerned about whether cool cycling deposit can be refunded? What should I do if cool cycling deposit can't be refunded?

CCTV reporter said that since 2017, many bike sharing users found that the deposit in the bike could not be refunded, many bike sharing platforms could not be contacted by customer service, and even the company was empty. This cycle sharing deposit can't be returned, and soon spread to dozens of bike sharing platforms.

According to the survey of China Consumer Association, 34 bike sharing enterprises have closed down, and China Consumer Association has received many complaints from consumers that the deposit cannot be returned. Among them, cool cycling is particularly serious, with 210000 complaints from consumers involving more than 1 billion yuan. China Consumer Association applied to the law enforcement department to file a case, and applied to the National People's Congress to supervise the collection of online platform deposits as soon as possible.

According to Kuqi official wechat, Gao Weiwei, the former CEO of Kuqi, said on September 29 last year: 'a group company in Sichuan has agreed to buy Kuqi in an all-round way. With a price of 1 billion yuan, they took over the accumulated assets of more than 900 million yuan, including 1.4 million vehicles, invested by Kuqi, and will be responsible for the refund of the subsequent deposit of Kuqi. '

On November 22 last year, Kuqi official wechat announced that it would temporarily suspend the opening of offline refund points and announce the refund hotline. The announcement also said that Sichuan Baike Technology Co., Ltd. is only responsible for the management and operation and maintenance work, and has nothing to do with the deposit and debt of Kuqi bicycle. But many netizens left a message on the official wechat of Kuqi bicycle, saying that the refund phone could not be reached and there was no refund.