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How many months does peach blossom bloom? A summary of ancient poems about peach blossom

In March and April of each year, it is the season when peach blossom is in full bloom. Peach blossom everywhere has become the object that many people are competing to watch. So what are the ancient poems about peach blossom? Let's go with Xiaobian.

People who have participated in the college entrance examination for liberal arts must have read the poem "when the world is in full bloom in April, the peach blossom in the mountain temple begins to bloom", which means that the April on the mountain with lower temperature begins to bloom. According to peach family data, peach blossom usually blooms in February in Guangzhou, March in Nanjing, April in Beijing and March in plain areas.

Because peach blossom is pink and romantic, it has many elegant names in ancient times.

From January to March, it is Yangchun, and it is the season of peach blossom opening, so it is named peach blossom spring. When the ancients went to spring in March, the poets and ladies opened their hearts and told each other their hearts, and the peach blossoms were fragrant.

The peach blossom from April to June, when the peach tree bears fruit, is called peach blossom fan. In the ancient opera, the Peach Blossom Fan written by Kong Shangren is about this kind of peach blossom.

July to September is the golden autumn. It's called the golden dangling, so it's called peach blossom Dao.

October to December is the winter. It is the time of hiding and the time for the ancients to enjoy themselves. Can't help drinking and having fun, so it's called peach blossom wine.

China is the hometown of peach trees. Around the 10th century B.C., there is a sentence "garden has peach, in fact, it is confusing" in the book of songs & middot; Wei Feng. "Weifeng" refers to today's north of the Yellow River and the vast area of Shanxi Province. Planting peaches in the garden is naturally artificial. Planting peaches in the garden indicates that there has been a certain scale of planting. Other ancient books, such as Guanzi, Shangshu, Hanfeizi, Shanhaijing, lvshi Chunqiu and so on, have recorded peach trees, which shows that peach trees have been planted in vast areas of the Yellow River Basin in ancient times. In the book of rites, it was also said that peach had been listed as one of the five fruits (Li, Mei, apricot and jujube) for sacrificing gods at that time.

What are the ancient poems about peach blossom?

Bai Juyi: peach blossom in Dalin Temple

In April, the world is full of fragrant flowers, and the peach blossom in the mountain temple is in full bloom.

I don't know where to turn.

Cui Hu: tichengnanzhuang

Last year, in today's gate, people's faces are red with peach blossom.

People do not know where to go, peach blossom is still smiling spring breeze.

Du Fu: juejiaomanxing

When the spring river is about to end, the stick stands and the Fangzhou stands.

Crazy willow catkins go with the wind, light peach flowers chase water.

Wu Rong: Peach Blossom

Full of trees and delicate and brilliant red, ten thousand branches and red flowers burn in spring.

How can we make a thousand years' worth of achievements? It will show us how to make chemicals in the world.

Liu Chang: Peach Blossom

Looking at the family in the west, peach trees are fragrant with flowers.

I'm afraid that the east wind will do evil, and the chaos will be as red as rain falling on the window screen.

Yuan Mei: the peach tree

February and spring return to the rainy days, and the green peach flowers feel the fleeting years.

There are still three thousand trees left, which are not as fresh as the first one.

Han Yu's the title of peach blossom with Venetian blinds

The blinds and peaches are redder in the evening, and the window reflects the bamboo to see Zhenlong.

It should be known that officials and servants return to heaven, so they stay in the forbidden area with xianlang.

Du Fu's poem of falling flowers before a boat in the wind and rain

On the river, people have peach trees and hedges in the cold spring rain.

The shadow is lured by the blue water, but the wind is jealous of the red flower and blows it backwards.

Yangyin's peach blossom with thousands of leaves

The peach blossom of thousand leaves is better than the hundred flowers, and the spring of lone glory is soft in the spring.

If we teach Qin people to avoid vulgarity, we can boast to the old couple of Heyuan.

Peach blossom by Zhou Pu

Peach blossom blooms first in warm spring. It's very beautiful.

It's a pity that the wind blows backward, and the red flakes dot the berry moss.

Peach blossom in Qingquan Temple by Xie Fangde

Find a peach garden to avoid the Qin Dynasty, and see another spring in Taohong.

Don't send flowers flying with the water. I'm afraid some fishermen will come to ask for help.

Lu You's boat trip to see peach blossom

The peach garden is only in Jinghu Lake, and its shadow is ten li red.

Since the Begonia do not Xichuan, the beginning will be drunk answer spring breeze.

Li Bai's memories of the old peach blossom tour in autumn

Peach blossom spring water, white stone now.

Shake the pineapple branch, half shake the moon.

Peach blossom by Yuanzhen

Peach blossom shallow depth, like uniform deep light makeup.

Spring wind helps to break the intestines and blow off the white clothes.

Peach blossom by Qi Ji

The wind warms the immortal source, the spring and the water country.

The warbler should see the fall, but the butterfly cannot see the sky.

Peach blossom by Sushi

Fight for flowers without waiting for leaves.

People near the marsh peep at the bridge and startle the fish.