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2018 national line of postgraduate entrance examination time query entry summary of national lines o

On February 3, 2018, the scores of the students in the postgraduate entrance examination were announced one after another. After the results were inquired, the most concerned thing was the national line. It is reported that today's national line will come out. At this moment, are many people very uneasy? What's the national line of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination? Let's take a look at the score line of the last five years, so that we can have a good score in our hearts.

The changing trend of the national line is mainly determined by the following factors:

Enrollment plan: under the condition that the enrollment plan of each research and recruitment unit is relatively stable, the national line will not change significantly, which is a very important principle.

Number of candidates: in 2018, the number of candidates for postgraduate entrance examination this year is 2.38 million, an increase of 370000 over 2017. Among them, 1.31 million are new candidates, an increase of 180000 over last year; 1.07 million are previous candidates, an increase of 190000 over last year.

Other factors: this year's mathematics is generally difficult to reflect, similar to 17 years, there are factors to care for part-time candidates

To sum up, the overall situation of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination is similar to that of 2017. Subjects of national line including mathematics may not change or decline slightly, while other subjects are expected to rise or not.