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Interview skills of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination

There are many problems in the interview process of the postgraduate entrance examination, how to pass it smoothly? The past people share 7 practical experience suggestions, 18 examinees pay attention to listening, in fact, for the examinees who are uneasy and confused on the way of postgraduate entrance examination, after this difficult period, there will be another village!

Think before you answer

When the professor asks you a question, don't blurt it out. Even if you think for a second, you need to know that sometimes the nerves will make mistakes. Just like when the teacher mentioned the Grand Canyon of Kaftin in class, let's explain it. In a flash of 0.1 seconds, it will be reflected as a middle-level income trap. What I want to say is that people will make mistakes, especially for things that are very familiar, if you don't think, You may not answer the question.

Don't answer.

Don't rush to rush to answer the professor's question. It's not rush to answer. The interview is not timed. Especially with regard to professional courses, it is possible that his old man's questions may involve you, so please follow the above rule, think about it and answer it again! Secondly, in your personal aspect, the professors only want to know your specific situation, when talking about the actual situation that is not yours, don't rush to contradict, don't you think it's impolite? Or do you just want to play and don't want to be admitted? You need to know that the admission rate of the interviewees is less than 60% (at this moment, the admission rate of our college is lower in some majors), so you can listen to the professor's questions carefully, even if it's a question, and then you can slowly explain it clearly after he finishes, so you are eager to clarify what to do, and say it later, just as clearly, at least the teachers can see your attitude Even character.

The answer sound is normal

When you came for the interview, did you have a meal? You don't need to have a loud voice. Just speak normally. When you speak in a low voice, who can hear what you say? It also shows your stage fright incisively and vividly. Of course, it's normal to be nervous, but even the nearest recorder can't hear what you are saying. How do you expect the professors to rate you? Some girls stand in the interview position, The loud voice will make people happy and make the tutor interested in listening to what you say. The buzzing voice will undoubtedly reduce your impression score. Of course, unless you are a strong one and can answer all the questions reasonably, obviously I don't think it's a negative related question.

Problems in professional courses

If you really don't know about the professional courses, you can extend it a little bit, or say something relevant. What do you think of the tutors? Are you really here to play? You say it with a smile all the time, don't know, I'm sweating in a hurry, the tutors have been guiding and guiding, you still don't know. As a result, the tutors have no choice but to say, your undergraduate college Industry is this. Our current problem is the most basic thing and so on. But the girl still laughs and doesn't talk. The tutor suggests that you can take another question. As a result, the tutors think that it's useless to take another one in this situation. You can imagine what the result is, unless there are other situations, you know. For professional problems, when you really don't know and can't extend, then you can apply for another question, but still don't know and can't extend anything, then you should consciously go out, because the tutors are helpless.

Life problems

Do you know why the tutors ask about your family? The source of tuition? The source of living expenses? Do you think they just want to gossip about your living conditions? No, they want to take the opportunity to know if they will devote themselves to your research and study life when you really enter the postgraduate life. For example, what about family support? It seems that this situation is not so much. If it's your boyfriend / girlfriend, fiance / wife, or your husband / wife who doesn't support it, quarrel for three days, quarrel for two days, do you have the mind to do learning? And the economic situation, some students will say, if I'm admitted, I'll find a job and earn my own money to earn tuition, if you say so I'm sorry, you don't think the tutors will be very happy to think that you are independent. Instead, they will think that you make money every day. Can you still concentrate on learning? Of course, there are also people who can give consideration to both, but think about your own ability. Can you give consideration to both? Even if you can, at this time of the interview, the tutors can't see it, and they will consider some factors Go in and think about it. If you say that the economic conditions are really not good, and you are a little older, and you are unwilling to reach out to your parents, you can say that you apply for a student loan with no interest, and you can pay back your graduation work, at least this is an attitude.

Reference book for preliminary examination

When the professors ask you about the reference books for the first test, they say the title of the reference books. Do you know what books you read during the test? They are all surprised that they don't know what they read. What's more, the purpose of this question is to pave the way for the following questions, because you have read it, and the written reference books are mostly basic things. They must ask you about the basic theoretical knowledge in the books. They don't know the most basic things. How to persuade them? If you can't answer those basic theoretical knowledge, it's like asking you which year China was founded and you can't answer them Don't you think slapping. You know, the brain capacity of mentors is always unimaginable.

Focus on current affairs and Politics

What's the point? Do you never pay attention to current affairs except for exams and books? No matter which major, you have to pay attention to national affairs. The important speech of Xi dada should be clear, especially the important speech of Xi dada in your relevant major. You have to pay attention to liberal arts. You also have to pay attention to science. Common sense is still needed. Don't let the tutors think you are a person People who have no idea what is going on outside the window and only read the books of sages should know that the books of sages in the current society are boundless.