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When will the national line for postgraduate entrance examination be announced in 2018? National lin

When will the national line for postgraduate entrance examination come out in 2018? Will the national line for postgraduate entrance examination be higher than last year? The official website of Graduate School of Shanghai University of science and technology announced the notice of retest, saying that the preliminary test results of food and equipment specialty will be notified according to the total score of the national line of 2017 master's enrollment examination reduced by 10 points, and each single line reduced by 5 points. Note that the school uses the national line. At the same time, it is also noted that the national line has basically been distributed to the research and recruitment offices of each school. According to the teacher of the research and recruitment office of a school, the national line was announced in the afternoon of March 14, 2018.

2018 national line forecast of economics postgraduate entrance examination: small adjustment with 5 points

I. what is the national line (Class A, class B)

In the division of the national line for postgraduate entrance examination, class A and class B are divided according to the economic and location differences of the region where the school is registered (before 2012, they were divided into class A, class B and class C, and then class A and class B).

II. Differences between the national line and the school score line and the publication time

The national line is the basic score line for the candidates to enter the second round examination. The school score line is the qualification line for the second round examination determined by the recruitment units on the basis of the national line, according to the surplus and deficiency of the relevant professional students in the school, and the national line is directly adopted by the general schools.

2018 economic sector country line forecast

1. Difficulty of the test. So from the difficulty of the test, the score line will drop.

2. The retest line announced by 34 independent marking schools. Among the 34 schools, the total scores of the 24 announced retest lines, including 16 schools such as Peking University, Nankai University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Wuhan University, dropped by 10 points on average; 5 schools remained unchanged, only 2 schools increased, so the national line will also drop.

2. Number of candidates. Faced with such a large group of postgraduate entrance examination, the limited educational resources are also powerless.

Therefore, although the difficulty of the test increases and the score line of 34 institutes decreases, it can not offset the huge population base of the postgraduate entrance examination. The decline of the national line is a trend, but it will not directly drop by as much as 10% as from 2013 to 2014. A small adjustment of 5 points is quite possible.

What preparations should be made after the national line is announced

At present, the national line has not been announced, but if it is determined to be higher than last year's national line, it is safe to prepare for the retest. If you apply for the examination of students from 34 colleges and universities and find that the school line has not passed, but exceeds last year's national line, you should also start to prepare for the adjustment. If you are wandering under the national line last year, don't give up and prepare actively. I believe that the character you usually accumulate will break out at a critical moment.

How to contact the tutor

1. Call: it's mainly about self introduction, so that the tutor has a preliminary impression. It is suggested that the examinee indicate the purpose of your call as soon as possible, and pay attention to polite language to make a good impression on the tutor.

2. Email: in this way, the tutor can have a comprehensive grasp of the candidates.

3. Face to face communication: it's the best way to have face-to-face communication with the tutor if you have the opportunity. This way is intuitive, has a large amount of information, and can greatly increase scores if you perform well.

4. Senior recommendation: if you are lucky to have a senior sister who can recommend you to your tutor, you will win another 10%.