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How to eat peach gum to compare beauty and beauty? How often does peach gum eat better?

For many people who love beauty, peach gum is a good beauty food, which contains rich collagen. After eating, it will make the skin more elastic. Do you know how to eat peach gum for beauty? How often do you eat peach gum?

How to eat peach gum

1. Peach gum, tremella and pear soup

Materials: Tremella 8g, peach gum 15g, Sydney 1, manyue plum 15g, water 1200ml sugar.


Soak the tremella in water for 20 minutes, then make it soft and break it into small pieces by hand. Peel and dice Sydney.

Soak the peach gum in water for 12 hours until it is about 5-10 times soft. Then carefully remove the black impurities on the surface of the soft peach gum, wash it repeatedly with clear water, and break it into even small pieces.

Put the peach gum, tremella and water in the pot, boil over high heat, cover with low heat and cook for 30 minutes.

Add the diced pear and cook for 5 minutes, then add the cranberry.

Add the sugar, stir and cook for 3 minutes, until the sugar melts completely and the soup is thick.

2. Coconut and peach gum red bean soup

Materials: 10g peach gum, 50g red bean, proper amount of crystal sugar, proper amount of pure orange peel, proper amount of coconut powder, proper amount of ginger slices.


Rinse red beans, peel, and peach gum eight hours or a day in advance. Use the next day.

Remove the impurities, then drain the water, put the tangerine peel and red beans into the pressure cooker, and put the peach gum and sugar into the pressure cooker.

Add some water and ginger. Cover and press for about 15 minutes. Unzip and open.

At this time, prepare two bags of pure coconut powder, pour into the pot and mix with red bean soup evenly without particles.

How often do you eat peach gum?

1. Peach gum is a common Chinese herbal medicine in South China. It is the resin secreted from the bark of rose plant peach or mountain peach. It is collected in summer every year, soaked in water, washed away impurities and dried in the sun. Peach gum tastes sweet and bitter, flat and nontoxic. Enter the large intestine bladder channel. The efficacy of peach gum is mainly to treat stone drench, blood drench, dysentery and so on. Modern medical research also found that peach gum has the effect of beauty and beauty.

2. How to eat peach gum: wash it with water and stew it with Gleditsia and Tremella. When eating it, you can put in a small amount of ice sugar. It's not recommended to eat it every day. Generally, it's OK to eat it once every three to five days. Peach gum is not to eat every day, a small amount is appropriate. It's better to eat once a week, but it depends.