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What is the feeling of pregnant fetal movement? What are the differences in fetal movements in diffe

For pregnant expectant mothers, is the fetal movement the happiest? Feeling a fresh life beating in his stomach, that joy is beyond expression, so what is the feeling of fetal movement? Fetal movement can be felt as early as April, and it is usually very slight. By may at the latest, the vast majority of expectant mothers can feel the fetal movement. What is the feeling of fetal movement in different months?

[pregnancy 5 months] subtle, perceptible but not obvious.

In May, the expectant mother will feel that the fetal movement has appeared under the navel, but because the amount of movement of the baby is not very large, the movement is not very intense, sometimes it can be felt, sometimes it can not be felt. Fetal movement generally changes with the sleep cycle of the baby. When the baby is awake, the fetal movement is more powerful, while when sleeping, the fetal movement is less weak. When the baby moves, the mother to be can let the father to be feel the magical movement and the baby's vitality.

It's very obvious

At this time, the baby is in an active period, and because the baby's body is not very big, it can also "swim" up and down in amniotic fluid and do various actions, so the fetal movement will become very obvious. The mother to be can feel the fetal movement near the navel and expand to both sides. When the father to be or other family members stick their hands to the mother to be, they can also feel the fetal movement.

The fetal movement can be seen clearly.

In July, when the amount of amniotic fluid is the largest, there is still a certain space for the baby to move freely. At this time, the baby will kick. Some mothers with thin skin can even observe the fetal movement obviously. The pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement near the stomach and expand to both sides.

Pain [in August]

August is the most sensitive time for expectant mothers to feel fetal movement. The baby will start to fix the position head down, and occasionally kick the foot up to the position under the breast of the mother to be, which makes the mother feel pain.

[September] obviously

In September, the expectant mother can feel the fetal movement all over her abdomen. At this time, the activities of the baby's hands and feet have increased and become stronger, which can be a good distinction between hands and feet. Sometimes the baby's hands or feet will suddenly protrude or the activity is intense, which makes the pregnant mother feel a sharp pain in her stomach.

[pregnancy 10 months] obviously

As the baby is about to give birth, it has grown up to almost full of the whole uterus. As the activity space in the uterus becomes smaller and smaller, the baby's hands and feet can't be unfolded, so the baby's movements will become smaller, less frequent and intense. The position of fetal movement will also change with the rise and fall of the baby.