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What color underwear is better for wedding photos? How to choose wedding photos and underwear?

For many girls, when they get married, they dream of wearing white wedding dress and going to the marriage hall together with their loved ones, which is extremely happy and exciting. Therefore, every detail of marriage can not be ignored. Shooting wedding photos is also a more important part, so how to choose underwear for wedding photos do you know?

I. select underwear according to wedding dress type

First of all, it's better to choose underwear according to the wedding dress or the style of the dress after you choose your wedding dress. The bra designed for the wedding dress should be a larger size than usual, and the body should be adjusted with padding. When the waist band tightens the lower chest circumference, it can show a clear body curve.

2. Do not choose underwear with shoulder straps

No matter how stable the shoulder strap is, there is the possibility of shifting and dropping the shoulder. And the shoulder belt caused by the 'crease', is the most damaging to the beauty. This will affect the effect of the shooting. The underwear you wear should be loose and not have some scratches when shooting. And don't choose underwear with 3 / 4 cup detachable shoulder belt, which may also be exposed accidentally.

Three, beam pants

Generally speaking, it can be divided into long leggings, medium leggings and short leggings, which are basically used to match and select slim fitting evening wear. It is necessary to pay attention to the smooth and patternless style of the hem of the pants, so as to avoid revealing the trace of underwear in the close fitting evening wear. The function of Leggings is to decorate the lines of the lower half of the body, extending from the waist to the abdomen, hip circumference and thigh, etc. the moderate Leggings can improve the outer thigh, raise the hip and reduce the weight We feel younger and full of vigor.

What color underwear do you wear for wedding photos

1. Pink and tender underwear

The underwear of pink and tender color department is suitable for matching with the wedding dress of light color department, such as pure white wedding dress, while highlighting the girl's temperament. The pink and tender underwear can show the pure side of the bride. The style is generally simple and fresh.

2. Red underwear

Red underwear is the most flattering and probably the favorite of many women. Red, especially full red, pure and warm, let people full of passion, red underwear is more suitable for shoulder style wedding dress.

3. White underwear

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride's white underwear will set off her skin with white and ruddy skin. White underwear can be selected with more lace, which will be more romantic. White underwear is more conventional, and can basically match with all styles of wedding dresses.

Tips for choosing underwear:

1. Avoid the bust with shoulder belt: no matter how stable the shoulder belt is, there is the possibility of shifting and dropping the shoulder. In addition, the 'crease' caused by the shoulder belt is the most harmful to the beauty.

2. Careful selection of underwear with complex colors and patterns: colored underwear, even in light color series, will cause color penetration and light loss under sunlight and magnesium lamp. The complicated pattern will destroy the thin and transparent fabric and light lines of the wedding dress.

3. Carefully select the underwear that is too tight: after the diet before marriage, the busy wedding day, the bride can't take care of the diet to supplement her physical strength. If she puts on the underwear that is too tight, it is easy to cause anoxia and fainting.