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Delayed retirement update response 2018 delayed retirement update

Delayed retirement latest response! Over 60 years old, some employees can choose on their own! How to delay retirement? How old should it be? It has an impact on those people? In fact, delayed retirement is a trend. Follow the editor to learn the latest news about delayed retirement.

On March 12, Tang Tao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security, said in response to the call of members that the general trend is to delay retirement.

Yu Guangyao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), pointed out that according to the regulations, female cadres at the level of the party and government organs, people's organizations and public institutions, as well as female professional and technical personnel with senior titles, can retire at the age of 60.

Deputy director of human resources and social security department: to extend the age of 60, it is suggested that some employees can choose their own positions

'not only 60 years old, I'm afraid there will be some delay in the long run. "In terms of pension and rational allocation of human resources, delaying retirement is the general trend," Tang said. In 2017, Russia has made a provision to delay retirement.

However, Tang Tao also said that many employees have different opinions on the postponement of retirement. For example, some female employees have been working in urgent and dangerous positions for a long time, and they are not willing to postpone retirement from the perspective of physical labor and risk.

In this regard, some members suggested that enterprise cadres should give priority to solving the problem according to the regulations of government departments, while for employees, they should be allowed to choose whether they are willing to delay retirement. In response, Tang Tao said, 'I agree with you. '

Who are affected by delayed retirement?

The Minister of human resources and social security once said that the most fundamental principle of the policy of delaying retirement is to "walk slowly and gradually". In order to provide the public with time for psychological preparation, the policy will be implemented gradually at least five years after its promulgation.

According to the retirement age reform plan: from 2018, the retirement age of women will be delayed by one year every three years, and that of men will be delayed by one year every six years until reaching 65 years at the same time in 2045.

When retirement is delayed, how to maximize the benefits of "five insurances and one fund" and how to use it correctly without waste?

1. Endowment insurance

Generally, endowment insurance needs to be paid for 15 years. Only when you retire can you enjoy the basic pension for life. So if you want to take a pension, you must pay it for 15 years before you retire. If the pension is less than 15 years old by the time of retirement, the state will refund you 8% of the monthly pension accumulated in your own account. And the unit for you to pay 20% of the money will not get.

2. Birth insurance

In fact, fertility insurance is not only for girls, but also for boys. You don't know?

Let's talk about how girls use birth insurance:

If you are pregnant and give birth to a child during the working period, after you are discharged from the hospital, you should deliver the relevant documents to the company as soon as possible, such as marriage certificate (unmarried children cannot be reimbursed) + birth permit (non single only child cannot be reimbursed) + relevant examination medical record + all invoices for hospitalization and operation expenses, etc. Usually the company will reimburse you within the scope of medical insurance.

Then let's talk about boys. Don't always think it's worthless for a man to pay maternity insurance every month. To be honest, if your wife doesn't have a job or her company doesn't pay maternity insurance, you can also reimburse the maternity expenses if you pay maternity insurance for 9 months before her delivery.

3. Unemployment insurance

If you want to get unemployment insurance, you must meet three conditions at the same time: first, your unit and I have paid for one year in a row; second, unemployment registration has been carried out and there are job requirements; third, employment is not interrupted because of my will.

It's easy to understand the first two points. How to determine the last "non personal intention to interrupt employment"? For example, if the company actively dissuades you or the contract expires, neither you nor the company wants to renew it, then you can get unemployment insurance. If you offer to leave, even if you have paid for one year, don't want to get unemployment benefits.

4. Medical insurance

In addition to reimbursement of medical expenses, you can also withdraw money from your account.

As the name suggests, medical insurance is used to reimburse the expenses of hospitalization or medicine. But in some areas, such as Beijing, the money (2% + 3 yuan) paid by one's own account can not only be used for medicine purchase and outpatient service, but also can be freely controlled at a designated bank.

5. Industrial injury insurance

Accidents on the way to work can also be reimbursed.

Maybe you don't know how to use it. Here's a quick way:

If you are hit by a car on your way to work, don't be private. Call the police at once, ask the police to investigate, record and take photos to collect evidence. After handling, they will issue a certificate such as an accident identification certificate. With the certificate issued by the police uncle, you can find the company to reimburse for work-related injury insurance.

In addition, there is a time limit problem in the industrial injury insurance. If you have an industrial injury on August 17, 2015, don't waste it. Immediately tell the employer that if you don't report it after one month, even if you have complete evidence, I'm afraid you can't report it.

6. Housing fund

In addition to buying a house, renting a house for decoration can also be extracted.

For the monthly payment of housing accumulation fund, the individual pays 12% of the basic wage, and the unit makes up 12% for you. For example, if you pay 600 yuan per month, the unit will make up 600 yuan for you, that is to say, 1200 yuan in your provident fund account this month. This money can be used to buy a house to repay the loan, or to submit a rental certificate and withdraw it for the house fee on a regular basis. If you have land to build a house, the money for building a house can also be paid from the provident fund.

However, there are still some ways to use the provident fund, such as retired workers, those who want to settle abroad, those who are deemed to be completely or mostly disabled, those who purchase, build, overhaul, decorate their own houses, those who repay the principal and interest of housing loans, those who receive unemployment insurance benefits, those who are included in the scope of minimum or special hardship, and those whose family members suffer from major diseases, etc., which can be withdrawn from the public fund MPF.