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Why can't dogs eat chocolate? What happens to dogs after eating chocolate?

Dogs can't eat a lot of things, but sometimes due to the owner's carelessness, it is likely to bring disaster, you know? Dogs can't eat chocolate, although many girls think chocolate is a delicious food, but don't give it to your pet dogs.

Chocolate is processed from cocoa beans and contains a variety of derivatives of methylxanthine, which includes caffeine and theobromine. These substances can bind to some receptors on the cell surface, thus preventing natural substances in animals from binding to receptors. Taking a small dose of methylxanthine, dogs will vomit and diarrhea, while humans will have a kind of euphoria. Chocolate contains a lot of theobromine and a small amount of caffeine. If dogs eat too much chocolate, they will have muscle spasm or even shock. After taking theobromine and caffeine, the dog's heart rate will suddenly rise to more than twice the normal rate, and some dogs will run around like drinking a large cup of espresso.

A dog can also digest a small amount of chocolate, depending on its size and the type of chocolate it eats. Unsweetened baking chocolate contains more than six times the amount of methylxanthine. According to experts, for some small dogs, 4 ounces (about 120 grams) of cream chocolate may be a lethal dose. Some dogs don't respond when eating chocolate, but part of it is because its chocolate content is not high, but dogs can't eat sugar originally. Sugar will cause acute renal failure of dogs, which is very dangerous. So even fruit should be eaten less, and grapes can't be eaten at all.

Merck's Veterinary Manual recommends that dogs eat more than 1.3 grams of dark chocolate per kilogram at a time and should be sent to an animal hospital for treatment. By contrast, dogs are less likely to die if they steal milk chocolate, because unless they break into a candy store, a dog is less likely to eat a few Jin of chocolate at a time.

Chocolate is a very snack for human beings. It is a fatal threat to dogs. Dog owners must not try to give chocolate to dogs to avoid tragedy.