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How to prevent catkins allergy in spring? How does spring catkins allergy do?

Spring is the season of catkins flying all over the sky, and also the season of high incidence of various allergic symptoms. The allergy caused by catkins mainly occurs in the upper respiratory tract. Every March and April are active in catkins flying, which makes many people have a headache. Do you know how to prevent catkins allergy in spring?

When catkins are inhaled into the nasal cavity, they will cause strong irritation, runny nose, cough and asthma. Allergic reactions will also occur on the skin, such as skin itching, conjunctival redness, etc., which will seriously affect sleep.

How to prevent willow catkins allergy in spring?

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid fish, shrimp, crab and foods containing vitamin B2, such as soybean, egg, dairy products, etc.

2. In the catkins flying season, it's better to wear a nose mask when going out to isolate allergens.

3. Wash face with cold water to increase skin resistance. If the skin is not suitable, you can first use warm water (20 ℃ - 30 ℃), and then gradually reduce the water temperature, using natural materials made of facial cleanser or small irritant soap. It is best to use anti allergy cleanser.

4. In the evening, fruit juice or vegetable juice should be used for skin care. It can not only nourish skin, but also prevent skin allergy.

5. Do not stay in dry environment for a long time. Especially Beijing is famous for its dry climate. For example, the drying degree of air conditioning is ten times that of desert. In such a dry environment for a long time, it is very unfavorable for the recovery of sensitive skin, and it is afraid of outdoor catkins or dust and does not like to go out. So try to increase the humidity in the air.

How to prevent catkins allergy in spring?

Do not stay outside for a long time

Stay outside as little as possible during the day, especially when the catkins index is high, such as in the evening when it is sunny. To do outdoor activities and various sports, try to choose the lowest catkins index, such as early morning, late night, or after a shower.

Wear glasses

Wearing glasses can reduce the chance of your eyes being affected, so it's better to replace contact lenses with glasses or wear sunglasses when you go out.

Change one's clothes

If you go out when the catkins index is high, remember to put on clean clothes when you come back.

Close doors and windows

Close the doors and windows during the day to prevent the catkins from flying in.

Avoid allergy season

If possible, schedule your holidays in your hay hot season and take the opportunity to avoid them. Consider a seaside holiday, because the sea breeze will make the air almost free of pollen, or consider choosing a country where there is no inducing factor that will cause your allergy.

Do not hang clothes outside

Dry clothes in the room as much as possible (it is better to use a clothes dryer). Do not dry clothes outside, otherwise clothes, sheets, bed sheets and so on are easy to be stained with catkins.

Install vehicle filter

Consider buying a car air filter. If you're thinking about buying a new car, you might as well buy one that already has catkins filter in the air conditioning system. This kind of small filter has become more and more common. Not only luxury cars are equipped, but also many cars are installed.

Avoid pollutants

Avoid everything that can aggravate your symptoms, such as dust and all kinds of smells on the road.


Allergies are sometimes inevitable during the spring season, when the antihistamines sold in pharmacies can be of great help to your allergies. If the symptoms are serious, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Generally speaking, you can treat them by using allergy drugs such as omeprazole.

Quit smoking

Smokers with allergies should stop smoking.

Indoor bedding

To avoid dust on the quilt and mattress, keep it clean and fresh, and remember to wear a mask when you wash it, so as to avoid allergy caused by inhalation. In the home often put some anti sensitive drugs, such as omeric.