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It's terrible to get cirrhosis of liver every month

For many modern people, hair dyeing and perming have become a common practice. Many people often take their own hair as a carrier in order to pursue beauty. A variety of hairstyles can bring different mood pleasure, but what you don't know is that hair dyeing can actually cause fatty liver. Let's learn about it together with small braids?

Yellow skin is not strong

It is found that bilirubin exceeds the standard

In her 30s, Ms. Chen of Heilongjiang province had white hair. At first, she had only a few hair, which would be pulled out when she found it. But over forty, there are more and more white hair. Ms. Chen can't pull it out, so she has to dye her hair.

But the hair grows fast, and the white hair grows out in less than a month, 'especially on both sides of the sideburns, as long as it is not dyed for a month, it is very obvious, very old'. To cover up her white hair, Ms. Chen went to the barber's every month to dye her hair for ten years.

Two months ago, Ms. Chen didn't feel strong when she went upstairs. At first, she didn't take it seriously. Later, Ms. Chen would be tired after walking for several minutes and her skin turned yellow. Until her husband found that her white eyes turned yellow, Ms. Chen realized that she might be ill.

Ms. Chen came to the infection department of Heilongjiang provincial hospital and did a series of tests. The test sheet showed that Ms. Chen's bilirubin was more than 10 times higher than that of normal people, which was also an important reason for her dark yellow urine and the whole person turning yellow.

Cirrhosis of the liver has reached advanced stage

Perennial hair dyeing is the cause

Doctor Chen Yan told reporters that when Ms. Chen came to the hospital, it was in the middle and late stage of liver cirrhosis, and she was diagnosed with chemical liver injury. She traced back her medical history. Ms. Chen said she had not taken any drugs to damage the liver.

According to doctors, the main cause of cirrhosis is hair dye all the year round.

After more than 20 days of treatment, Ms. Chen's liver function has been improved, but chemicals have caused irreversible damage to her liver, which will increase her risk of liver cancer.

Chen Yan, a doctor, said that she had received a female patient who frequently dyed her hair before. She had cirrhosis like Chen, but her condition was not as serious as Chen's, and her coagulation function was still good. The doctor made a liver puncture for her, and the pathological results showed that it was chemical damage.

Ms. Chen had not been exposed to other chemicals except hair dye before, so it can be judged that the hair dye caused cirrhosis of the patient.

Fu Lijuan, director of infection department of Heilongjiang hospital, said that most hair dyes contain dozens of chemical components, many of which are toxic, such as nitrobenzene and aniline. These substances are easily absorbed by the skin. For the liver, as long as there is toxin in the body, it must be broken down and metabolized, so frequent hair dyeing will make the liver very tired.

Expert opinion

Some hair dyes also contain toxic ingredients that can harm hepatocytes, which can damage hepatocytes over time. Some people are sensitive to drugs, and hair dyeing is more harmful to the liver.

Some chemicals in hair dyes combine with some cells in the body, which will damage the DNA in the nucleus, cause cell mutation, and induce skin cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, etc.

It's better not to dye your hair. If it is necessary to dye, try to choose plant hair dye. The interval between two dyeing should be at least half a year.