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What's the matter with the return of Shanna? When will Shana return to happy base camp?

Since Xie Na and Zhang Jie got married, their married life is also quite sweet. Xie Na and Zhang Jie often show their love in public, which really brings a wave of dog food to many netizens. And when Xie Na announced that she was pregnant, she also began to fade out of the host world and started the mode of child rearing. When can Xie Na return to work? Recently, I announced that Xie Na would return to work. What's the matter? Has Xie Na returned to the happy base camp so soon?

And a while ago, Xie Na finally gave birth to a pair of daughters, and half of the entertainment circle also sent blessings. Even her best friend he Xuan, who has been visiting Xie Na for many years, went to the hospital in person on the same day. This kind of friendship is really rare!

In fact, since the production of Xie Na, there has been a lot of news about her comeback, and many fans also hope that she can come back as soon as possible. After all, without Xie Na, kuaiban always feels that there is something missing!

Today (March 9), the official micro blog of happy base camp put a photo of five people, and wrote on it: there should be five people, there should be five people, there is no absence. Saturday evening, March 10, 20:20, Japan

It can be seen from the photos that Xie Na, who has been reunited for a long time, also appears in the picture, and many fans also think that they can finally see Xie Na, who will come back after childbirth tomorrow night. They are really looking forward to it.

But some netizens left a message at the bottom: "it's just like the back of the unbroadcast collection.". From the photos, it can be seen that at that time, Shana did not show any signs of postpartum obesity, so this is just a picture that had not been broadcast before.

According to the relevant news, now Xie Na is on her way to work, but it is estimated that she will return to work in April, so many melon eaters can be scattered!

Photo of happy family

In fact, many netizens miss her very much since she took her maternity leave. And Xie Na does not forget to love Zhang Jiexiu during her confinement, which shows that the couple have become more sweet since they have children!

Many netizens left a message after seeing it: "just excited, it's cool to see your comments." they will come back. No matter how long it is, as long as it's Xie Na, they will wait. 'I was excited, my heart was cold when I saw the comments',' it was a little sad when I saw it ',' I said, Xie Na has just had a baby, and her body hasn't changed since she didn't have one '. Many netizens said that she is still a little sad, but still hope Xie Na can come back soon!