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Why soak pineapple in salt water before eating it? How long does it take to soak pineapple in salt w

pineapple should also be a very popular fruit. Every spring and summer is the season when pineapple is widely available. Eating pineapple in summer can help us digest our intestines and stomach, nourish our spleen and stop diarrhea, clear away heat and relieve summer heat. But before eating pineapple, you need to soak it in salt water. Do you know why?

But careful people should find that many pineapples are soaked in saltwater after they are cut. It will be taken out when you eat it again. Why? Isn't pineapple good for your health without salty water?

why should I soak salt water before eating pineapple?

In fact, although pineapple is delicious and nutritious, it contains an enzyme that is easy to cause allergy. This enzyme is called pineapple enzyme. So we just want to destroy this enzyme by soaking the newly cut pineapple in water.

This kind of pineapple enzyme has great effect on human body. For example, if the pineapple enzyme is not soaked or the soaking time is not long enough, people will easily cause systemic allergy, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms if they eat it. And it's very irritating to my mouth and lips. So you should pay special attention to these when using pineapple!

The purpose of pineapple brewing is to make pineapple taste better and sweeter. Pineapple gives us the impression that it is sour and sweet. It can not only destroy the pineapple enzyme but also decompose some organic acids in pineapple. Make the whole pineapple more sweet. Another is pineapple. There is also a substance called oxalic acid, which can affect our body's absorption of calcium and iron. Therefore, it can neutralize the acidity of oxalic acid in brine, reducing the influence on the absorption of calcium and iron in human body.

How long does it take to soak?

The best time is half an hour. Half an hour's skill can ensure that pineapple tastes sweet and can destroy and remove some harmful substances. So just soak the peeled pineapple in salt water for half an hour.

You should know why you should soak pineapple in salt water first. So you should pay attention to it when you eat pineapple at home. Pineapple soaked in salt water is much less likely to be allergic. We still need to prepare some salt water!