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What's the gift for mom on women's day? What flowers does women's day send to mom?

March 8 women's Day is the international women's labor day. Many people will give gifts to their mothers and send their best wishes to their mothers. If they do, Xiaobian thinks it's very good to send some carnations or simple practical gifts.

What kind of flowers do you want to send to your mother on women's day? The most common one is carnation. Its name contains health. Flower language: maternal love and sympathy. Because it is the mother's flower and contains the meaning of blessing mother's health and longevity. For our children, mother's health and happiness are our greatest wish. The layers of carnation petals represent the mother's continuous feelings for her children. When sending flowers, you can send either a single flower or a bunch of flowers, or insert them into a beautiful and unique flower arrangement.

Carnations symbolize maternal love and sympathy. On the women's day of March 8, carnations are sent to represent greetings and blessings to hard-working women.

Carnation: a great, holy, kind mother.

Red carnation: used to wish mother health and longevity.

Yellow carnation: represents the gratitude to the mother.

Pink carnation: I wish my mother beautiful and young forever.

Hemerocallis, also known as golden needle flower, forgetful flower and so on, is the mother flower of China.

In addition, roses, lilies, etc. are unconventional, can be matched into a pink bouquet for mother.

On women's day of March 8, it's suitable to send a few flowers to mother according to people's flower sending habits and conventions. Comparatively speaking, 11, 12, 16, 19, 20, 29 and 33 carnations are popular. 11 for one mind; 12 for heart to heart; 16 for the highest point; 19 for expecting company; 20 for emotion that will never change; 29 for permanence; 33 for affectionate calling & hellip; & hellip; when the flower is a rose, the meaning of flower number is naturally related to love; when the flower is a carnation, the meaning of flower number is related to affection 。

If you want to express the emotion with emphasis on gratitude, you can send 19 carnations and 29 carnations to your mother; if you want to express the emotion with emphasis on blessing, you can send 12 carnations and 16 carnations to your mother; if you want to express the emotion with emphasis on missing, you can send 20 carnations and 33 carnations to your mother. Of course, this is only for reference, and the specific meaning will be affected by the color of carnations and matching flowers.

What gift is suitable for mothers on women's day? A carefully edited message

In our daily life, we seldom say to our mother that you are hard working and that I love you. So my first suggestion today is to send a friend who has never opened his mouth to say thanks to his mother and is not going to say anything. The content of the message is very simple and doesn't need to have a good logic, that is, it needs to come from his own sincere words and put his own words to his mother Gratitude, gratitude to mom and her hard work are all written on it. Let mom see it and feel warm, and feel that their children grow up and know how to love others. Maybe in the eyes of all mothers, children grow up and become mature is their biggest wish in their life.

A short phone call

If you go to school in other places, if you work in other places, although you are not at home, you can't stay with your mother, but the phone is very important at this time. You need to call your mother in the morning, at noon or in the evening when the whole family is around. The contents of the phone may be greetings, maybe you can't say a few words, all your mother and family are saying, but you just need to Remember to say to mom when you hang up: Mom, it's women's day on March 8. I wish mom health and happiness forever, and love your children. If you don't want to hear the sobbing voice on the other end of the phone, hang up. Your mom will be very moved at this time.

A beautiful new dress

Parents are always working for us. Generally, they don't have many new clothes in a year. They buy one for themselves only during the Spring Festival. Then you don't need to spend much money or run many roads. You can buy one online to send it to a mother, no matter whether the gift is expensive or not, whether the quality is good or not. As long as the mother receives it, it must be very happy. I I bought shoes for my mother, but she didn't give up to wear them from the beginning to the end. I only said that they were given by my son, and I must put them well. In fact, mom doesn't wear clothes, but she cares more about the feelings between us.

Dear mother: you used to hold up a blue sky for me with your solid arms. Now, I will cover the wind and rain with my plump wings. Mom, I love you forever!

2. As time goes by, we grow up in the warm caress of our mother, who always conveys warmth to us in time, so that we can live the character of being human forever in the complicated world, without losing the innocence at the beginning. On this special day, I would like to say to you: Happy Mother's Day! Wish mom more healthy and happy in the future!

3. Mountain, no mother's love; sea, no mother's love; heaven, no mother's love; earth, no mother's love; sun, no mother's love; let's wish mother health and happiness!

4. I have seen the ups and downs of the tide, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, and always feel your arms are the warmest! No matter how far I go, I will always be attached to you. Happy mother's Day!

5. Mom, you are the spring breeze, I am the seedling, you gently brush my face, you are the gardener, I am the flower, you cultivate me with your heart, you are the candle, I am the house, you illuminate the whole house, but you burn yourself, mom is you bring me to the world, you give me bright eyes, let me observe the world, you give me sharp ears, let me listen to this The world, Mom - happy holidays!

6. You are firecracker in the kitchen, fried and fried, crackling; you are jasmine for your husband and children, gentle, caring, fragrant and open-minded; you are cactus at work, strong, optimistic and persistent. Happy women's Day!

7. Mom, I used to be a caring bird around you. Today, it brings you a bunch of fragrant flowers. I wish you a happy women's day, good health and all the best.

8. When I am frustrated, it's you who inspire me to move on; when I succeed, it's you who educate me to keep my cool; on the way to life, it's you, my dear mother, who give me strength. Happy women's Day!

9. More thoughts, often go home to have a look; more time, often chat with her; more leisure, often do some delicious food; more attachment, often accompany her; more greetings, often information transmission; wish the world a happy mother's Day!

10. Learn from you, find a suitable person, become a warm home, have a lovely baby, be a happy mother, salute you, happy March 8th Festival!