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What's the reason for Lei Jiayin's sending his son Guanyin? Why is Lei Jiayin called Guanyin?

Recently, my ex husband, Ge Lei Jiayin, has been searched again. This time, he got the title of Guanyin to send his son. What's the matter? Let's follow the editor to learn about it. Do you like it?

The popularity of "debris flow in the entertainment circle" is booming. Since his ex husband's brother got angry, Lei Dadou has successively obtained super high topic volume by virtue of "embroidered spring knife 2" and with Li Guangming and Guo Jingfei's TF old boys.

Recently, Lei Jiayin has been in hot search again. In addition to her big white legs and blowing snow, she has been granted a new career - "sending children Jiayin". Is this Shenma Terrier?

It turns out that the two giants Liu Ye and Lei Jiayin finally get together in a new play "old boy", and the CP of the two appropriately crush Lin Yichen in the same play cos alalei.

A couple of good friends have seen a lot of ways to fight for a girl, but the play has attracted many people to call, not thanks to Lei Jiayin's own smile.

It is set that Liu Ye, the president of huohua society, plays Wu Zheng, a civil aviation captain. Lei Jiayin is his good friend, while Lin Yichen plays Lin Xiaoou, a spicy teacher.

Xiao Wei, Wu Zheng's ex-wife, died suddenly, and her 16-year-old son Xiao Han was also unlucky. My mother had just left, and my father, who I had known for more than ten years, suddenly said that he was not his own father, and that he had run away with money in his heart & hellip; & hellip;

It must be guessed that Xiao Han's real father is Wu Zheng. Therefore, Lei Jiayin sent the unlucky child to see his father (Liu Ye), who was returned twice, and the title of "sending the son Jiayin" was sent for the bullet curtain.

Wu Zheng was obviously unable to accept the 16-year-old son who had come down from the sky, and his life was not only disturbed.

In this regard, Shi Fei, a good basic friend of Wu Zheng (Lei Jiayin), expressed his willingness to help with justice and be Xiao Han's acting father. In fact, such a warm-hearted basic friend liked Miss Lin.

But as for the old boy, once the sugar is launched, it is also a sweet dead man -- for a while, the whole network is CP powder of these two cult. Let's enjoy the daily life of the two good friends in the play who are black and have plastic brotherhood.

It has to be said that the two giants of the entertainment industry have finally met, and even Liu Ye is grateful that he is finally in the same frame with others!